{.:.is obsessed.:.}

by aproperfool

Alison Sudol (check out her modeling these ADORABLE headbands) is the sole reason for me growing my hair out; she is adorable and has red hair (obviously dyed) and she rocks it.

More recently, I have been longing for my old short hair; long hair gets tangly, I have to wash it all of the time, if I just leave it down, it frizzes…so here are my constant reminders of my beloved short hair.

Guess what else I’m craving–the ombre bandwagon. Maybe I can do something with red/blonde? Or that’ll look completely tacky and I’ll have to chop it all off. There. Problem solved.

And now I’m back to red.

Sarah, over at Girl in the Cardigan was nice enough to dedicate her latest post to me/hair cravings as well!