{.:.Dear Auburn.:.}

by aproperfool


Let me just start from the beginning–freshman year of college, I stayed in town and attended the community college, with full intention of my attending Auburn at some point (minus my love for Pratt…ahhh, NYC). So, I asked the transfer advisors–

“What do I need to take to transfer successfully, and can you double-check that the classes I am already registered for will give me full credit upon transfer?”

Adviser: “Ummm. Have you checked the STARS guide online?”

Me: “Yes, I have. I just want to be sure, and have an adviser to double-check with throughout my first two years.”

Adviser: “Well, you just follow the (elusive) STARS. [doesn’t this sound SOOO quirky??]

Fast-forward two years, I am in my third year. I have finally landed on a double major–English/Apparel Design and Management + Business Minor. So I apply. I wasn’t 100% certain on when I would be attending for financial reasons, so they had me apply THREE TIMES. And pay the fee THREE TIMES. I insisted that I speak to someone higher up and higher up and it was no use. Therefore, $150 later, I was finally admitted. Not that my 3.7 GPA was in question…just what semester during the same 2011 school year. Alright, fine.

And then there’s now: because the transfer adviser did not help me initially (three years ago), I have nothing but studio classes to take, and they are estimating four years of college left for only the Apparel degree. What, really?! I have taken all of my basics and then some, if you count my close-coming English degree, and they want me to stay FOUR years?! Apparently, they do not recommend transferring into this program, because they do not offer EVERY class EVERY semester, and the classes must be taken in a specific sequence. But no one told me any of this when I asked.

Okay. I’ve come to terms with that. I’ve had trouble finding an apartment (we were sent the lease, but the landlord won’t return calls/emails?). I can’t sign up for my transfer orientation, and when I called the department and asked them to resend something, the woman couldn’t even properly pronounce the word “ask.” No, it is not spelled “aks.”

At this point, I hate college. All around hate it. And I hate college “advisers” even more. Because they don’t care about their jobs.

Sad Tiger.