{.:.Tuesday Reads.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello my fellow bloggers. Do you ever just feel completely discouraged with the entire process of blogging, whether you are doing it part-time, or as a career? I eventually begin to feel dry and out of touch with the things that I love–the things that made me begin my blog in the first place. So here I am, stalking some of the pros who have made this their profession, in hopes of rekindling some blog love for you guys. I’m thinking that every Tuesday I’ll have a post of a blog that I follow, so that we can all share!

Emily, the creator of Cupcakes and Cashmere, is a full-time blogger, whom you may have seen on The Hills as a Teen Vogue intern (SWOON, dream job!). She has a beautiful blog with outfit updates, recipes, and home decor. She has fantastic style, and does a great job with showcasing her photos throughout her blog. You should also check out her FAQ page–she has some great tips for those of us who are a little bit newer to blogging that she is!

After spending nearly an hour going through her appetizing  food posts, I chose this one as my favorite. It’s fairly simple, and I must say, the chocolate covered orange peels are just so chic looking!