{.:.Tuesday Reads.:.}

by aproperfool


Sandra, at 5 Inch and Up dares fashion to be different. Of course, she has more traditional outfits/posts, but she is always mixing those pieces with nontraditional methods of styling–like using a large scarf as a wrap-around skirt; who knew?! I am so in love with her blog and everything about it. She lives in a flat in London. She takes amazing photos of her apparel, and has an attention to detail, which, when mixed with her daring clothing choices, creates a look that is unique to her. All of which, I aspire to be. At some point. Maybe you’ll see a few Sandra-inspired looks up here soon? Done for less, of course. Because what college student can afford a red Lanvin party dress? NOT I.

My favorite part about this blog? Sandra tells stories through her photos. She doesn’t always need 2+ paragraphs describing her outfit/what kind of day she has had/what she ate–it’s all in beautifully captured photographs.