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by aproperfool

Yet another blogger that I’m falling for–Dani.Dan is incredibly optimistic, and her happy/quirky posts  for her blog, Resonate.Local make me laugh and smile. She is currently living in San Diego, working as a stylist. So go give her blog and her YouTube channel some love; you won’t regret it!

Dani was sweet enough to do a little interview with me so that we could all get to know her better–

How long have you been blogging?

I made my first blog post in 2008.  Obsession didn’t kick in until 2009.

What made you want to start blogging?

3 things: 1) My bookmarks were getting out of control; 2) I wanted to share all the amazing fashion, art, & music I felt so fortunate to have in my life; and 3) I moved home for a year & found myself with an obscene amount of free time on my hands.

In your “About,” it says that you are a stylist instead of using your college degree–what did you go to school for?

I studied Marketing, Japanese, and Art at San Diego State.  It was my 2nd year in school, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, and all I knew was that I wanted to work for myself one day…so I picked Marketing.  Art kept me sane & Japanese was my attempt to learn a 2nd language.

How long have you been a stylist, and was it difficult to break into the field?

I’ve been styling since I was old enough to dress my Barbies.  Officially, I’ve been a wardrobe stylist for 3 years.  It can definitely be a challenging field to break into, but it’s completely worth it.  How I broke into the field was a little unconventional…I answered a craigslist ad for an assistant stylist position.  The woman I ended up working for was an established LA/SF style expert & I still feel so lucky to have her as my mentor.

How did you build your client base for being a stylist (I WOULD LOVE TO DO THAT!)?

It’s all about the hustle…& being creative.  In this industry, it really is all about who you know.  And if who you know doesn’t need a stylist, you create opportunities.

I love that you are so locally-oriented; do you try to stick to that with everything you do (i.e. what foods you eat, what clothes you purchase, etc)?

From supporting incredible local creatives to brightening a stranger’s day a little…it all just boils down to creating more positive interactions in the community.  I really believe that affecting positive change on the world stems from RESONATING LOCALLY.  Whether we want to or not, we DO affect one another.  Positive energy is contagious.  I like to call it Grassroots Awesomeness.

What is your favorite thing about your blog?

I LOVE having a site completely customized to my own style, taste & sense of humor.  It’s like the ultimate journal!  Also, knowing I’ve made someone else smile, makes me smile!

Just try to not smile, I dare you. It’s nearly impossible at this point.