{.:.this is what I do in my spare time.:.}

by aproperfool


9. RESEARCH WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE: TODAY, INTERNSHIPS. MAYBE TOMORROW, I’LL ACTUALLY BE ABLE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN?? Teen Vogue has so many helpful tips! Free People hires interns all of the time; I’m just waiting until it will count for school credit!

8. Dream of having a spare moment to paint my fingernails; currently bewitched with a nice pastel blue or green. 7. Lately, I’ve been watching Greek. A LOT. So what if I’m a little late? That just means that I can literally become a vegetable until I catch up with the current season. 6. Greek has reminded me of my love for the Plain White T’s. Now don’t worry, I know they got all famous and “sold out,” so to speak. But I still think they have some adorable lyrics.

5. Coming up with a list of ten is harder than I thought it would be; I don’t know how Allison does these every week!

4. Did I tell you guys that I FINALLY found an apartment in Auburn and that I am becoming OBSESSED with decor? I purchased a really amazing vintage luggage rack, which I will either use for a) coffee table, b) end-of-the-bed storage, or c) bedside table. Still working on the logistics of it. When matched with my adorable vintage suitcases I’ve been collecting, I have been scouring the internet for cool luggage ideas. And here they are!

3. I have been wanting to go through my clothes for some time now. I need to pack things up, and let things go. 2. It is almost summer, and I am therefore dying to go swimming. But if I dye my hair red again, that probably won’t happen…unless I invest in a cute vintage swimmers cap. Seems doable, yes?

Then, I could be as tres chic as these ladies:

1. And, finally, I am so so so excited about Chicago for two reasons; wanna guess what they are? Here are a couple of hints–