{.:.more than a word of silence.:.}

by aproperfool

The recent tornadoes in the Southern region of the US, with at least 20 falling in my home state of Alabama, have left me in a state of unease. As people are banding together to pick-up the leftover pieces and help mend wounds, I have done nothing remarkable. I plan to join the efforts of the local communities to help rebuild and recover what we can, but as for today, I am reading. The power has just returned to my neighborhood, and I am reading post after post of death. Two grandparents who lay themselves across their three grandchildren, who luckily, thanks to their efforts, survived the wreckage.

All of my family was so very lucky to be missed by nature’s fury, but I cannot help but feel guilty, as I sit indoors and re-watch movies on Netflix. So many people were not as lucky as we were; I feel grateful, and also useless. I have been reluctant to post about the damage that others are experiencing, but it isn’t fair for me to continue as I always have when so much has been lost. This post will be my only one this week, because so much more than one moment of silence should be given to the lives lost.

The American Red Cross is accepting donations, which, for now, is the most effort I have put into picking up the mess. I am disappointed in my lack of effort. And will be setting aside time this week to change that.

Rebuild the South.