9. Oh my. Twigs & Honey.

8. Austin Kleon, author of Newspaper Blackout, gives some of the best advice I’ve ever heard for any up-and-coming artists. Read the entire article; you’ll be inspired.

7. If you are in the Tarrytown, NY area and have a love for knitting, why don’t you catch a ride on the Yarn Bus? It guarantees free rides to the Flying Fingers Yarn store.

6. I am buying some chalk paint ASAP, thanks to Design Sponge.

5. Sarah Qualls has some pretty amazing designs.

4. SRSLY can’t stop stalking Minnow Bathers. Should I stick with the Painterly one from my previous post, or are we all feeling the plaid?

3. Hydrangea cupcakes. Tasty never looked so pretty.

2. What a beautiful way to fill potholes!

1. I have been on-edge all day with 3+ shots of espresso and counting! Happy caffeine!