10. ASOS. Pretty, pretty dress.

9. Bloomingdales has me speechless. I want to be on their styling team; or just have them get me dressed every morning.

8. Oh Marc! I’ll wear just about anything you make. Swimsuits included, of course.

7. Allison has me hooked on Sam Edelman.

6. Priti NYC not only makes some of the most beautiful nail polish I have ever seen, they also recycle old polish/bottles. Love, love.

5. i am a greedy girl has an adorable outfit picked out for anyone going south for the summer!

4. Dear Golden’s vintage collection is beautiful; an amazing compilation of high and lower-end pieces. That I’m dying over.

3. Hello there, Smitten Kitten. I do love blue cheese. Thank you for making me drool.

2. Intelligentsia, the coffee shop I visited and fell in love with in Chicago, has a blog, and an online bean ordering system. Anyone wanna drop $30 on a pound of Honey Badger Espresso?

1. Welcome, June! You always make me think of my favorite TV mom, June Cleaver. She is tres chic, no?