{.:.this is what started it all.:.}

by aproperfool

Hello readers. Or, I should hope I still have readers. I have not updated since June first. And before that? I was a little sparse there as well.

I have been in an ever-thoughtful mood. Tomorrow, I will return to the summer-hire program/internship, whose free time helped me to begin my lovely blog in the first place.

Yes, I sat at my desk and surfed the internet for hours until finally I realized: perhaps I could keep of log of everything I am finding and liking? Yep, you can. And they have this clever little name for it–b log.

Reasons (not excuses) I have not updated in three weeks:

I am becoming a workaholic. Good and bad. The good? I get tons of coffee. The bad? I have little time for doing much else.

I went to Chicago at the end of May, and the trip was very successful, but I felt overwhelmed with the amount I could say about the trip. So didn’t want to actually write it down.

I am moving in less than two months. And I am scared. Which seems silly, considering that I’m merely moving colleges. Not like I’m venturing into the great unknown or something philosophical. I’ve been in college for three years. But am sort of starting over? I wish I was more excited about this. I’ve become too comfortable and really need it.

I have so many clothes. An ungodly amount of clothes. I continuously tell myself that I should not be laying in bed on my days off, I should be doing laundry, sorting, and packing all of my crap. But I don’t wannaaaaa.

And here we go; the biggest reason I’ve stopped blogging recently–I just feel sort of lonely. There are people all over the place. Yet I feel kind of stagnant and am keeping things all bottled up inside of me until they all spill out at once when something silly doesn’t go my way (like my attempt at throwing  bachelorette party). Instead of listing all of these things and confronting them head on, I have been cowering away, hoping that the more bad TV I watch and get sucked into will help me to ignore it all.

And it hasn’t.

So, I’m back. And I think I’m going to switch the blog up a little bit.

I’m going to sort of start over and see where it gets me. After all, this is a happy anniversary for my blog and I. We’ve been together for just over a year, and I couldn’t be happier with the progress.

Tasks for myself:

Wake up in less than five hours so that I don’t have to do my makeup while driving in the morning to my first day (back) on the job.

Stop stressing over things I cannot change.

Be a little more proactive with this whole fashion thing. I love it, so I need to pursue it.

Dump all of my old clothes (some of them were purchased in high school and have not seen the light of day in 3+ years, not to mention that they most likely do not fit).

I’m going to draw. I won’t set my sights too high immediately, and I might not actually post photos here. But just know, I am going to buy a fancy new sketch pad THIS WEEK.


That seems like enough for now. I’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.