Camping, at it’s finest

by aproperfool

When I was younger, my older sister, Kelsey, and I had a sense of adventure; we would venture out into the woods in the morning, and not return until evening, pretending to be lost or live on our own in the forest with the little forts that we made with my older brother, Bryan. I can’t describe it–we had no concept of danger, no idea that dumpster-diving for fort material was illegal, nor did we care. Just outside of Washington, DC in a tiny apartment for the summer that we spent with our grandparents, we were constantly bringing back  items that we found–a dining room table, a lamp, a chair, boxes galore (you know, for sledding in the summer)…we just played.

When it was raining outside, we brought our adventures indoors. We were constantly trying to build little homemade security devices to deter burglars (not that we would really have any on the  twelfth floor) or building tents out of every blanket, sheet, and pillow we could find.

On one of our many indoor “excursions,” we were lost in the wilderness. We therefore made our little knapsacks full of what food we scavenged for, i.e. vegetarian cheese, glasses of milk, and toaster strudel. But, of course we had to cook these items! How is one to survive in the wilderness eating raw, wild game?! So where did we turn? To our recently recovered white lamp. It was perfect, once you took that white dotted glass shade off, you had the perfect little campfire to roast our cheese on.

Yes, we roasted cheese on it. It turned black. We considered it well-done, and we ate it anyway.

Those were the best days.