Nine Things

by aproperfool

9. I’m not the biggest fan of Zooey Deschanel, as many of you know. Well, I suppose only my closest friends would know that, mostly because people think I’m some kind of freak when I make that statement. Anyway, I do follow her on Facebook. Therefore, I am constantly getting links to HelloGiggles. I found this annoying and considered removing her posts completely. Until today. I gave in. I viewed HelloGiggles. I now love HelloGiggles. Possibly one of my new favorite blogs to follow. So BAM. Check it out. Also, Zooey may have redeemed herself in my book. Not that she necessarily had a singular reason for my dislike. But I’ve done it. I’m on the bandwagon. She’s adorable and I love her blog.

8. I am re-listening to some of my favorite bands from three years ago. Hey Mercedes, I’ve missed you. So what if they’re labeled as “emo”?

7. Ilana Berger from LA. Too, too funny. Wanna see? Follow her on Twitter or Tumblr.

6. My latest reason for continuing to color my hair and grow it out (remember? the last obsession was Alison Sudol of A Fine Frenzy) is Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. She’ll be on a Tuesday Reads SO SOON. Even more reason for me to be a redhead with dark roots FOR LIFE.

5. I’m convinced that I could easily wear this skirt/top/outfit on the day-to-day. So, does anyone wanna drop $50 and buy it for me from Closet Case Vintage?

4. This just might be the single most hilarious fake conversation added to a photo I have EVER SEEN. EVER. LIKE YES. I know that some of you will not click on that link; but LET ME TELL YOU. You will never gain true happiness.

3. In honor of my leaving for good old Auburn here in a couple of short weeks, I will post “How to Survive a Party Alone.” The author thinks it’s quite similar to suffering a bear attack. So, there’s hope for me, at least. Her blog is titled Apocolypstick. Which is so clever and cute. I’m considering renaming my blog, or starting another with a cuter title. Thoughts, anyone?

2. Pretty sure this one doesn’t need explanation. Why thanks, Kennedy!

1. Remember that time I was so cavalier about new things in my life? Oh right, that was never. I’m actually excited these days. So, Auburn, delete my schedule again. I dare you. I’ll just chortle.