Tuesday Looks.:.55th Street

by aproperfool

One of my favorite interviews thus far–Ariana P. of 55th Street Photography. To be completely honest, when I first stumbled onto her blog, I was a little bit intimidated by her. Not necessarily her personally, but by her photography; it is absolutely stunning. I email people constantly, asking them if they would be up for a quick interview, and I rarely ever get responses. But Ariana did respond, and her answers are just as down-to-earth as her photography is. Did I mention that she has an amazing sense of fashion? SWOON. Follow her blog.

Her photos capture life so incredibly effortlessly, and though I’m sure it takes thousands of photos and endless editing to choose the perfect picture, they have an ease about them.

Things I have learned from stalking her particular style on her blog–

  • The subject at hand is the most important aspect of the photo; let the background stay in the background, but make it interesting for the viewer
  • Don’t be afraid to be outrageous! It only makes the photo more interesting. Case in point–harem pants and tons of layers. This girl has some serious styling capabilities; maybe I’ll do an outfit homage to her in the near future.
  • Black and white photos have the same appeal, if not more, than color photos. They challenge the viewer to look more closely.
  • Personal style is developed, it is not innate. I love that.

How long have you been interested in photography? Did you immediately pursue it, or did you try your hand in any other fields?

My love for photography actually started about two years ago during a summer in Barcelona. I had always done art as a child but had never focused in one particular medium. I spent three weeks there and my best company was a small bright blue snapshot camera which I used everyday while wandering around and photographing all the interesting, unique people that were wandering around that city along with me. After that, the next fall semester, I enrolled my first photography class at school. 

Is photography your primary profession? If not, what else do you do?

I am still a college student. My major is actually Communications and Advertising and my minors are Italian, German and photography so I combine everything I am passionate about into one big pile.  

What type of camera do you use? Do you edit your photos, or rely on “taking it right the first time”?

I use a Canon Rebel 500. I like simple, small cameras, it is more about what you can see and capture with the camera not about what the camera can do for you in my opinion. I do not like overly edited photos, I mainly edit the contrast, the lightening and small details like that. If I am creating a panorama, or a motion picture, or something more abstract like a collage, then I will do more editing. 

Do you prefer to photograph people or landscapes?

Definitely people. I rarely take pictures of landscapes, I am actually not a fan of it at all. People are my biggest inspiration, their uniqueness is what fuels my imagination with all these crazy ideas.  

When you are using a model, do you expect them to know how to pose, or do you aid a lot in directing them?

It depends, with every person is different. Personally, I do not like overly posy photos, I like movement and playing in uncommon ways with what the body can do in my photos. I like to direct them but at the same time I like how they translate in their own way my directions.  

I love the way you capture life in black and white; have you used a lot of color, as well? Do you have a preference?

My friends sometimes make fun of me since I normally wear morbid colors and that reflected also in my photography. I have a little confession, I love colors with a passion. I truly do. Even more, my favorite color is mustard yellow even though I do not own anything in that color (after 22 years still looking for that perfect yellow mustard piece). I rarely photograph in color, but I know exactly when I want to do it, when I am just so amazed by the palette of a subject I cannot disrespect it with shooting it in black and white. However, ir rarely happens. There is something about black and white, it is my language. A teacher once told me that if you take a photo of a person in color you are taking a photo of their personality but if you take it in black and white you are taking a photo of their soul and I love photographing people, trying to take their whole essence into one single image, so I guess that explains it well.

What made you begin blogging? 

 I wanted a way to publish my work but in a more personal way which involved me writing the stories behind my images and my personal style. Blogging seemed like the perfect medium.  

Do you travel a lot for your photography? What has been your favorite location so far?

I am kind of a nomad, traveling is one of my biggest passions. I do not travel for photography but mainly for pleasure. Love finding new inspiration, new faces. I will always have a special love for Barcelona since there is where I fell in love with photography.  

Do you have any recommendations for upcoming photographers/bloggers?

Just have fun with it, forget about technicalities, make it personal, explore and be playful with it, that way you will find your own style.  



All photos were taken from Ariana’s blog, with permission. To view the entire post containing the image, click on the picture itself. There are only more lovely things to be seen.