by aproperfool

Blazer :.: Erica Tanov

Shorts :.: Anthropologie

Tank dress (tucked in) :.: Free People

Flats :.: Target

Things to keep in mind if you are going to wear shorts in a semi-professional setting–

  • avoid (at all costs) the super short variety, that leave genuinely nothing to the imagination
  • opt for a mid-thigh (or longer, as long as they are still 1-2″ above the knee) pair
  • the pictured shorts feature a high waist and a paper bag top, with a slight flare in the leg, making the legs look leaner and the shorts seem longer
  • I’m going to go ahead and suggest that you NOT wear a somewhat translucent tank with your work outfit (I was going to dinner)

How to balance a blazer with shorts–

  • the blazer should be somewhat fitted, or at least still flaunt the fact that you do, indeed have a waist
  • shoulder-fit is key in any blazer, so splurge on one that fits properly
  • button-up blazer & cinch with a skinny belt for a more polished feel
  • keep body type, height, and coat length in mind; for many professional settings, the appearance of “no shorts!” is not well received
  • remember that the reason you are wearing shorts is IT’S HOT, and it is therefore okay to roll up/push up your sleeves to stay cool!