dreaming of sweater season

by aproperfool

Photos courtesy of Allison

Sweater: Urban Outfitters

Shorts: H&M

Stockings: H&M

Boots: thrifted

This outfit is from sometime last fall, I do believe. Forgive me for not date stamping a thing! Anyway, to balance out the tee-iny, pin-up style shorts, I paired them with a boxy over-sized sweater. The monochromatic effect of the outfit makes it look laid back, yet put together, and it could easily be work with a hat for rainy days.

How to style:

  • If you are showing a little skin in one area, go ahead and cover up in another–the tiny shorts with a small top would have come off as a bit too much, I’d say.
  • I love wearing boots with shorts, and in the winter, you can add a pair of stockings to replace your boring pants.
  • Be careful when you buy XL shirts; I actually stole this one from my sister, but if I had purchased it myself, I would have gone down a size to keep the shoulders from looking too out-of-place.
  • If this is your go-to “rolled out of bed” outfit, add a scarf/sunglasses/hat to play it up a bit more!