by aproperfool

9. I love cute DiY weddings. 100 Layer Cake has tons of adorable photos, with adorable brides, in adorable dresses, with adorable grooms, and adorable handmade decor. Check out Jess + TJ. Be sure to check out this little sweet cinemagraph by Jamie Beck. SWOON, tea’s ready!

8. Have a love for historical maps? So does David of David Rumsey Map Collection: Cartography Associates. I want to wallpaper my walls with these  beautiful finds.

7. Erstwhile Jewelry. No need for an explanation. It is simply gorgeous.

6. Have you visited open THREAD yet? It’s a beautiful site, designed by the lovely Amanda and Kendra over at “hi DESIGN.”

5. Why thanks, Clemence Poesy. I think I’ll take your advice.


4. Josh Ozersky hates the idea of paying for a gourmet grilled cheese. Why? He thinks only Mom should make ’em. He has a foodie column in TIME every Wednesday. And since today is Thursday, you have some catching up to do!

3. The Impossible Project.

2. Nicholas Franklin, realizing that I know nothing of football, nor am I concerned, created this lovely “Fashion Major’s Guide To Auburn Football.” Check it out. It’s a hilarious how-to.

1. I hope all of my readers have a lovely Thursday!