Fashion Friday on hold

by aproperfool

I had a Fashion Friday post lined up and ready, but this morning, I had to get up at 4am to take my Nana to the hospital for her scheduled surgery. She is so calm and ready–saying things like, “I don’t anticipate anything going wrong, but just in case it does, you know and you tell everyone else that I am in a far better place than I have ever known.” I guess that’s sort of comforting, but not really.

I love my Nana. She has been the closest person to me for most of my life, and knowing that she will be in pain and that she quite possibly might not make it much longer is more than I can stand.

Therefore, I opted to let my mom go with her for surgery prep, I will say my iloveyou and give hugs at the last minute. Mostly because I just can’t stand the wait.