Fall semester has me thinking Geek Chic

by aproperfool


Okay, so I need help now! Everyone vote!

Here’s a quick little update on my life–I am quite fond of my apartment and the fact that I pretty much never have to drive anywhere, unless I just feel like it. I have breakfast places, lunch places, dinner and drink places, all within walking or biking distance! I got an amazing internship with Sydney’s Vintage and Consignment (more to info to come!), and I have not yet bought any books. Which, I suppose I don’t really need to do yet. But even so, I’m feeling a little bit unprepared. It looks like I may be getting a Kindle so that I do not have to carry as much to class, and I cannot wait to try an eReader! I’ve never used one! I’ll give all of you a great little report as soon as I get around to buying one.

In other news, so many people here wear track shorts and t-shirts to class. EVERY DAY. I don’t really know what to do with that. I will not be wearing t-shirts any time soon, I’ve never found them flattering on me.

I’ll keep everyone posted! OH, AND. My new roomie is a photographer, and she offered to take my outfit posts. Cute pictures, yayyy! Check out her Facebook page and “Like” it!!

This post will be the first of two for today! I had a scheduled Ninesday, and couldn’t bear to move it.