by aproperfool

9. Love the French bun/top knot trend? Here‘s the fastest how-to video EVER!

8. What a lovely doodle!

7. Hey thanks, DESIGN LOVE FEST, I think that salad looks pretty darn tasty, too!

6. While I’m caught up in this quote thing, here’s one from Etiquette for a Lady. Why thanks, madam! I’m feeling inspired already!

5. I know there aren’t too many gentlemen reading my blog these days, but here’s some great advice–“You should date a girl who reads.” Beautifully written by Rosemarie Urquico, in response to Charles Wamke’s “You Should Date an Illiterate Girl.” I want to be this elusive girl who reads. Don’t get me wrong, I do read. Not enough, probably. But I enjoy it and I appreciate the craft. And I happen to love clothes, too.

SERIOUSLY. I know half of you just skipped that link. But don’t.

4. Kathryn Bentley Jewelry. Mosey on over and drool all over your keyboard, and into your empty wallets.

3. Amazing home decor DiY: The Light Bulb Vase. Maybe Jen and I will make some for our new apartment? You know, in our free time.

2. HEY, HEY Alyssa Rae! Why you so QT? Go follow her Tumblr and/or Lookbook!

1. By the time this post makes it up, I will be in a completely different state of mind. That’s what scheduling does for ya! But hey, on the bright side, my posts have been a little more consistent, eh?