BACK FROM THE DEAD with Favorite Winter Whites

by aproperfool

Ladies and gents, the semester is dwindling, and with it: my immense work load. Yay! I just finished the semester’s largest project this afternoon and am now studying for my last two tests before Thanksgiving break.

Have I mentioned how much I love Thanksgiving? I absolutely adore it. I love that we collectively take an entire day to be thankful for what we have been given. I will be kicking off the week with Atlanta this weekend, straight to Nashville Sunday through Tuesday (ALLISON, GET READYYYY!), and ending in Huntsville for the remainder of the week. Expect more solid posting, as I will spend the time rehashing my semester thus far, and I will actually schedule posts to last until Christmas!

I have missed my blog. And for it’s grand return, I will show you the three pieces I absolutely love for the season!

First: a cream colored wool dress with silver and gold beading, and what can only be described as an “architectural detail” at the nape of the neck–it is made to fold onto itself and stand up on it’s own (COOLEST EVER)

Second: an extra-long, striped sweater from Anthro (pics of me wearing it to come!)

And last: favorite hat. That I somehow never think of wearing out. I feel very Indiana Jones meets Holly Golightly. See what I’m saying?

Wanna check out my outfit/closet? Here are some pictures.

Note: those are my new and absolute favorite booties of the season–Sam Edelman, you are a genius.

This is my dress/long coat/heels & flats closet; the other closet houses skirts/shirts/boots. I’ll take a photo of that sometime, maybe.