Ninesday / almost

by aproperfool

10. I generally love everything from Madewell. This qt little fox pendant from their Gift Giving Guide is no exception.

9. Rule #245 from Etiquette for a Lady

You will quickly learn that “cool” is a concept devoid of all meaning. Being smart, kind, and genuine will help you navigate your way through life. “Cool” simply dissolves after high school.

8. Jennifer Humphrey from A Go-Go turned me on to a new line, entitled Dainty Hooligan. Check out their amazing video. I want to be paid to have people pamper me, then just stand around and look pretty while I am photographed?!

7. What an amazing beard this man has. I think the Boy would likely agree. AND DID YOU SEE HIS PUPPY?! HIS PUPPY IS SO SO SO SO SO QT. I need puppy times. Puppy depression has reached epic proportions.

6. A Softer World; someone buy me lots of these to decorate my apartment, s’il vous plait?

5. I can’t stop lookbook‘n. Why? Because it is almost Thanksgiving break, and I therefore have time to waste. EEKKKEEEKEKEKEK.

4. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I get to see Allison & Kelsey & Kelsey in just a handful of days.

3. I haven’t done a Ninesday in so long that it is getting difficult to compose this post. And because of that, I will rename it “Sixday” and leave it at that.


Okay, okay. So maybe I found one more, thanks to Alex; “MANIQWINNING,” the art of beating the mannequin at it’s own game. Tweet @ her//starting a revolution: G_Reath