Ninesday, on a Wednesday.

by aproperfool

9. I think this badge is in keeping with my resolutions. Another bonus? It’s only five dollars.

8. I am dying to go to Jazz Fest this year. Someone volunteer  to go with before you’re forced.

7. I’m not really sure why I was shy about Florence + The Machine previously. This song is on loop. An unofficial anthem, if you will–I am dancing to it right now.

6. Things you should know: after I watched an incredibly disturbing video about hacking into webcams, I am occasionally freaked out when alone. I was looking for more lovelies to post here and someone started talking. YES, TALKING. Thankfully, it was an auto-play video on the bottom of a page on which I had not scrolled down far enough. I basically just died.

5. I’ve been wanting this map series for a while. Maybe this is the year I save up for purchasing them!

4. I’m completely obsessed with Best Made Company. Which is kind of a cop-out, because #9 was also Best Made-related. I CAN’T HELP IT THAT EVERYTHING ON THEIR WEBSITE IS AMAZING.

3. I need this shirt. A whole bunch.

2. The AntiDuckface. I. CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING. And maybe just scrolled through every post ever. Yep, this is my Sunday night.

1. I am completely OBSESSED with Dallas Maynard’s kind of gothic jewelry. I want to buy everything, absolutely everything. You’ll see several links to this obsession upcoming, with my birthday fast-approaching and all!