This is my preferred way to spend Saturday.

by aproperfool


Wondering what I’m up to these days?

Well. I’m taking six classes, one of which is Racial Science Fiction–let me tell you, the most interesting and demanding class I’ve ever taken. We first read The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket by Edgar Allen Poe. Now, we’re moving on to a far newer, yet related book, Pym by Mat Johnson. So far, Johnson’s is far more interesting than Poe’s. No offense to Poe, of course.

I just got a second job at the cutest store in Auburn, called Faunhouse. It’s been open since November and I am taking sewing lessons from the owner, while helping her in the store when she needs it. Plus, I will be sewing things for the store! EEEKKK.

I’m spending entire days in silence (which is so relaxing) and I am reading everything required for classes, finishing homework early, watching tv shows and movies, and will be playing video games later tonight. Take that, Resolutions! Oh yes–Alyssa, Sarah, and I made potstickers last night and paired it with a yummy red wine.

Things are going well. I’m becoming content in myself.