22 is coming fast.

by aproperfool

This is what I’m loving, in case you were in need of inspiration for my upcoming birthday.

11. Can someone find this print?

10. Some pretty, pretty coasters. And in the spirit of geode beauties–this ring.

9. J Crew Toothpick Jean in ANY color.

8. Dallas Maynard Scissor ring or earrings.

7. I’m still hoping for Jazz Fest this year (hint, hint).

6. A terrarium making party. LOL at this blog title: The Hipster Home.

5. A few yards of this fabric to play with.

4. Some home-made beauty regimens, like this sugar scrub.

3. I still need my Warby Parker glasses.

2. Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable

1. Skyrim.