So there’s this contest.

by aproperfool

My little sister just sent me the link for Refinery 29’s Styleblogger contest. I would like to at least upload a photo and join in! I think it would be a lot of fun.


It requires me to login using Facebook. I’ve been off of Facebook for nearly two months now. In fact, just earlier today, I mentioned how much happier I am without it–I’m not keeping in touch with people I was never actually friends with, I’m keeping up with all of my coursework thus far. And hey, have you noticed the blogging? That’s a product of not wasting time  on Facebook.

So, thoughts? Does anyone think this contest is worth breaking my Facebook silence? The solitude has been pretty fantastic, I must admit

Possible photo submissions:

So, I need some opinions. Should I rejoin the masses on Facebook? If so, what photo should I use for my submission?