by aproperfool

9. I really like this song. And this video makes me want to play with paint. And dance.

8. Charlotte’s Fancy linked to some really cute designs by Henrietta Swift. I’m dying to wallpaper at least one kitchen wall with these ice cream cones!

7. I want to make some of these! Or at least support this artist. Her needlework is amazing!

6. These are just the cutest little cards I ever did see.

5.I have the movie picked out for Allison and I’s next Netflix movie date: Mammoth.

4. What an adorable Valentine’s Day print. Even though I’m posting after Valentine’s Day.

3. I’m glad I’ve been saving all of my corks as of late!

2. OH.MY.GOD. IKEA Hackers. New favorite blog. Well, it’s added to the favorite blog lineup.

1. Still interested in DiY workspaces and organization.