Another year older, still working on becoming wiser.

by aproperfool

As most of you know, my birthday was this past Friday! Yay, 22!

How did I celebrate?

Well. I had to work on Friday night. But don’t fret! I had a great time with a local band, named Less Than Heroes, who played with an acoustic set performed by Franz. The highlight of the evening was Franz singing  Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” for my birthday, with the guys from Less Than Heroes doing backup vocals. Seriously, cutest thing ever.

After the show, I stopped by Faunhouse to see the opening of the new art exhibit featuring Jacqueline De La Vega. Her art is one of the  most interesting mediums I have ever seen–she doesn’t draw anything, she layers used tea bags to create really intricate scenes and portraits.

Then after the exhibit, I ended the night with complementary beer + pizza + king cake + a movie (which I fell asleep during).

It was a lovely, lovely evening.

The day itself was full of fun, also! My little sister was in town, so she accompanied me to all of my classes. After class, I was bombarded with 56 lil’ BB cupcakes from my roommate, Jen! So sweet! I am still working on devouring those. Between that, the ‘stache-shaped cake from Ann Burgwin, the king cake from Alyssa, & the beer from Donnie, I will need new pants, to be sure. Did I mention that Sarah gave me a stack of vinyl and local honey? And Nadene gave me the coolest jeans you’ve ever seen, ever ?!


Saturday was just as eventful–the Maker’s Market was a ton of fun! I sold a few things & hung out with Sara while we crafted and listened to local musicians and ate cupcakes.

This time of year has always been spent with family, so needless to say, they were all missed (except Grace, who was here!). Yep, I’m a teensy bit homesick. However. I have found so many great people here. And my birthday was absolutely wonderful, albeit busy.

The only thing that could have made it better was perhaps the addition of my obnoxious wienerschnitzel, Buffy [I’M A CRAZY DOG LADY, MAYBE].


But, I’ll see her this coming weekend when I go home (for the first time in two months!). I’m so very excited. Family dinner & My Fair Lady & time with Nana & my mom & siblings is so needed.

Midterms this week, posting will return to normal soon, I hope!