by aproperfool

9. This NY street style photo has me wanting blue hair.

8. I love this video. A whole whole lot. Killer headdress.

7. Dear Mineralia, I love you & your beautiful natural beauties. I am seriously having a geode-obsessed moment, you guys.

6. The benefits of being weird, thanks to Emily Alice Walsh.

5. I’m uber excited to see Allison so that I can mimic the Tiny Pocket Tank she made. ISN’T SHE SO QT?!

4. Corrine Plain & Simple referred me to Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown” interactive video. DO IT. It is so beautiful. This is my postcard to myself when I was young–

“You are unique.”

3. Let’s do a rewind to Eryn as a little girl–growing up in the 90s.

I had a whole lot of stretchy pants. Who needs denim when you can wear super comfortable cotton/spandex (it’s acceptable for girls under 10, I’d say)?! A large portion of my garments for my lower half were printed. Floral, stripes, polka dots…I’m pretty excited this  trend is coming back. I get to be a little girl again!

NOTE: I’ll stick to more substantial fabric than the spandex of leggings. There’s something about having pockets on the back of my pants that is kind of a necessity for me.

2. I’m still Madewell obsessed. I shamelessly copied this outfit last week. Click on the photo for “French Lessons” and be as effortlessly chic as Caroline de Maigret. Oh, AND, there’s a free playlist download.

1. Can you guys believe it is MARCH?! As in, the third month of the year?! WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Probably into the black hole known as the AU library. I’m a permanent fixture.