by aproperfool

9. Music? Well, I’m listening to Fanfarlo a good bit these days. Another YouTube recommendation that was oh-so correct.

8. Still on the geode kick. Catbird, you’re killing me.

7. I just finished reading Disgrace by J.M. Coetzee. I’d recommend it. It won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003.

6. After I finished up my homework last night, I took a recommendation from a  friend to help me sleep–no more computer in bed! Only reading. However, at midnight last night, I picked up The Hunger Games for some light reading. Like an idiot. Two hours later, I was halfway through it and on my way to some strange dreams. It’s no literary masterpiece, but so far, it is thoroughly entertaining.

5. Etsy always gets me. On the front page, I found The Joy of Color’s deer watercolor. And probs need it for my life.

4. Remember how much I love Smitten Kitten? She has a baked kale chip recipe, which I will be trying to make using locally grown kale given to me by a friend. Yay for healthy snacking!

3. Pixie Market must have someone designing things specifically for me. Because these Glitter Lace-up Ballerina flats are TO DIE FOR.

2. Words of wisdom from Miss Leah, a tattoo artist  at local Auburn shop, Shenanigans.

1. I’m a bit swamped with school work from now until May 4th. Hopefully that won’t keep me from updating!