by aproperfool

9. This week, I’ve been a bit nostalgic. So with the mention of the Mynabirds, decided to round out memory lane with Listener.

8. Madewell Chevron Typeset Trousers. Obsessing. They’re a little loud; I wonder if I wore them once per week, they would become a neutral in my wardrobe.

7. Cropped PJ Top, Steven Alan. I’m fairly certain I could get away with wearing this as a regular shirt. And perhaps will do so.

6. Amethyst Garden Ring. Well really, most anything from Pauletta’s shop will do.

5. Well this is just the cutest card. I’ve been thinking of several people. Maybe I’ll order half a dozen.

4. While stalking Joanna Goddard’s blog, I saw that she is as obsessed with the ombre serving utensils as I am. I think a DiY is in order.

3. Dearest David Bazan, please play closer to me. And sooner than September.

2. NPR highlights Julie Green, a protester of the death penalty who paints prisoners’ last meals. Her exhibit, The Last Supper, was recently featured in a documentary for Dark Rye. Morbidly fascinating (photo courtesy of NPR).

1. I have friends going on noteworthy journeys with July approaching–Kelsey will begin her Peace Corps tour in Namibia, Alyssa will be digging  up artifacts in Italy, and Allison will be traipsing in the Bahamas. What a bittersweet month to come.