Ninesday // 1 of 2.

by aproperfool

9. Today’s listening material: Billy Bragg. A recent recommendation.

8. I’m normally not a big UO fan. But they’ve stolen my heart with this swimsuit and this swim bottom. Why is it is so difficult (and expensive) to find a swimsuit bottom that is high-waisted and covers a bit more? Don’t they know that a little mystery is a good thing? Sheesh.

7. For all of you Instagrammers, this is on its way.

6. Mint. My new obsession. A blog with posts centered around design, art, fashion, weddings, and DiY. Love, love, love. It rivals Design Sponge, in terms of number of hours I pour over their posts and dream of what could be.

5. Nouvel by Bande des Quatres. Simple, clean lines. Ah, they speak directly to my soul. If only they would do a little chatting with my pocketbook.

4. How do you feel about this illustration? Awesome, or creepy?

3. Have you heard of The Everygirl? DESIGNLOVEFEST referred me to their site. I’m smitten. Check out the interactive Budget Handbook (as well as they many other handbooks they offer, ranging from recipes to throwing a bridal shower). I’ll be spending my day budgeting. They also post internship and job opportunities here.

2. This just might be the cutest children’s room + apartment I have ever seen. They managed to make it look warm and homey, even with bare white floors and walls.

1. I got a new toy. It’s only been in the works for THREE years. Yay, better photos and outfit posts are coming soon!