by aproperfool

9. First Aid Kit, you speak to my soul. Emmylou, on loop, on loop.

I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June // If you’ll be my Gram & my Johnny, too // No I’m not asking much of you, // Just sing little darlin’ sing with me //

8. Want a cute Peter Pan collar? Yep, me also. I can pull off a sequined, detachable collar, right?

7. This is definitive of my life, currently.

6. Ebb & Flow. New favorite blog.

5. Nashville, you my dear are so lovely. Sometimes, I just stalk DuckDuck Collective’s blog.

4. P A L O M A R I E. One word: love.Please put all of your jewelry on my body.

3. More words to live by from hip hip gin gin.

2. Who else wasn’t following THE WEAVER HOUSE? I feel like I’ve been missing a vital part of my blogging routine.

1. School starts soon. I am so not ready.