by aproperfool

9. The Cranberries. Forever love.

8. Oh, GILT. How do you get your name-brand clothes so cheap?

7. I’m terribly choosy when it comes to boots. And its rare that I will find a pair that I can see myself wearing everyday, for every occasion, without question. Acne’s done it.

6. Madewell. Again. And always.

5. Dying to have this  vu de l’extérieur print. I’m truly running out of wall space. And if I don’t stop gawking over Pinterest ideas, I’ll be sitting on stacks of artwork, rather than chairs.

4. Hahahah. Haaa. Because everyone needs a pop art, Warhol-inspired Frankenstein of their very own.

3. A monthly craft package?? What a fantastic idea, we love citrus! I know several people who would absolutely love to receive these!

2. Did I mention that I cooked with Papa Sean a while back? Fresh corn pancakes with chives, gouda, pepperjack, parmesan, sour cream & tomatoes. Positively divine.

1. Can you believe it is September already?