& I would love it if you would vote for me

by aproperfool

As most of you know, I’m heading to the Big Apple this summer. I’m still sorting out internship odds + ends, and through doing so, found this great internship with Vince Camuto. Unlike a lot of fashion internships, this one is paid.

I would love to be able to work for free doing what I love forever, at some point, I do need to pay the bills. Hopefully, I can use this paid internship to help supplement a free one, as well? So, if you wouldn’t mind, would you vote for me? It’s really, really easy.

I uploaded a photo of what I consider to be “interview attire” to the Vince Camuto page, and now I just need all of my friends/family to press one little button, via Facebook. And then I’ll be on my way!


You may remember this photo from a while back–the great Lauren took it for me to use in my portfolio last year.