// identity project

by aproperfool

I was recently asked by a friend to be a part of her photography project for a class. Sounds easy enough, right? Well. Sort of. She didn’t give too many details, but said that you should choose your own location, your own styling, and do whatever you want in the photos. Got it. So I chose a parking garage. A blue dress that I like. And pulled my hair back.

The results of Jennifer’s project showed what people view as their own identity, when given the chance to completely control the environment in which they will be perceived. Or rather, it allows the subject to create a perception of themselves for others. I’d say, mine was spot on. Her entire series was very well done–some people smiled, some people smirked, some people chose buildings. But no two photos were the same. Or very similar, really.

So here is what my photo says about me–I tend to fidget and slouch and sometimes only smile on command. The colors came out sort of cold. But aside from the colors and my seemingly bored expression, I think you can see a lot in my eyes. I’m thinking about something or another and they are happier than my facial expression says. I decided to wear my hair back partially because I’m growing it out and partially because that’s the best way to see all of me. My makeup is minimal. I’m wearing my favorite boots and necklace.

It’s odd. I’m not entirely certain of who I am as I age and who I want to become, but I think she literally captured me. In this rectangle. It’s a little disconcerting to see that much of yourself. But in a good way.