// a place to call home.

by aproperfool

Three years ago, I was finishing up my second year of college and having one of those late night, stay on the porch for hours kinds of conversations with someone who was once a close friend. We spilled our ideas about the future, how we would get there, fears about whether or not they would ever happen, and the lengths we would go in order to accomplish something worthwhile. We made a pact and set a date. As stated four years ago, “WE WILL BE IN NYC IN 2013.” Partially driven by a love for the city and partially driven by this song.

So needless to say, it’s a little bit weird fumbling around the way I have been for the past three years. I mean, I sort of had a plan. I sort of wanted to move to NYC, post-graduation. I sort of set really high expectations for the upcoming years…but none of it felt real. It had always been a sort of crutch for me to say that I would eventually be on to “bigger and better things.” One day, I would move off to the city known for crushing spirits and raising hopes. I would work my way up from interning to hopefully assisting to hopefully designing.

It is so very odd. I’m here. It’s official. I’m living in NYC. I don’t know how long I will be here, but I’ve finished college. Today I bought groceries and braved rush hour on the subway with my bag of individually packaged goods, symbolizing the reality that is here. I don’t have a set goal of how long I will stay (as of now, I have the summer–but we’ll see how the job fare goes) and I don’t really know where I want to wind up. But I am really, really glad to have unknowingly made it on our haphazardly created timeline.

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I am renting my room (not pictured, but here is a photo of the AMAZING view from my window) from a lovely gentleman named Joe. He and I are already getting along great. I start my internship with Gabriela Moya tomorrow morning. Eeeek!