// a little afternoon walk.

by aproperfool

Today, I continued designing the textile for the pajama line we are working with. Did you know that when you make your own print for a fabric and you want it to look like wood grain, and you stare at it for approximately 5 hours, it begins to look a lot like this? Long lines leading to nowhere, attached to blobs that seem to be moving.

The weather today was so beautiful today that I took a walk to see more of my neighborhood. I finished the day with a little picnic and reading. The elevator window looks like it belongs in a submarine. There is a beautiful cemetery close by. I’ve met three people in my building, so far. This part of town has a lot of interesting architecture. So far, everyone is very nice. Even the people who had to walk around my tripod.

DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0010DSC_0048 DSC_0018 DSC_0020 DSC_0022 DSC_0015 DSC_0034 DSC_0035 DSC_0036 DSC_0040 DSC_0042// Dress, thrifted: Eddie Bauher // Belt, J. Crew // Ankle booties, Sam Edelman // Leather jacket, Tommy Hilfiger // Necklace, gift from mom: Eclectic Nashville // Glasses, Warby Parker //