// a little birthday, a little brunch.

by aproperfool

Brief disclaimer: I moved to the Big Apple semi-permanently. Semi-permanent because who really knows what their 20s hold, right? So I’m going to claim that as the reason for the most recent blogging hiatus.

Guess who else moved to the city? The Boy. Yep, Donald is now residing int he city, as well. And not long after his first big boy job interview, that inevitably led to his first big boy job in this big city, we took a break from attempting to be adults and we had brunch. “Birthday Donnie is finally 23! brunch.” Followed promptly with afternoon mimosas. All afternoon, really. Because who are we kidding? This semi-permanent move to this really giant city means that we are really only semi-required to stop after a single citrus bubbly beverage.

And before I forget (and for those of you who did in fact forget), Allison over at Shutters & Shuttles just celebrated her big 2-6! So scoot on over to her Facebook page or blog or Etsy store (whichever stalking suits your fancy) and round out birthday month with a little purchase of something beautiful and woven.

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