a new blogging space //

by aproperfool


I’ve been saying I am going to move my blog to my portfolio site for some time now. And by “some time now,” I mean it’s been probably at least one year since I first said that.

Better late than never, I s’pose!

You can now find my blog, watercolor attempts, general portfolio pieces, and fancy button links to things like Spotify or social media all in one place. And, I’m a little sad to say, I’ve been re-branded. It’s sad! I’ve loved my “A Proper Fool” for so long now. It’s been with me through writer’s block, buying a new camera, moving to the big apple, and so much more. It’s seen breakups and new relationships blossom (even if I didn’t write about them, it was obvious from photos). Ultimately, though, I felt like the name was holding me back. It was always a conversation starter, but once I explained “oh, it’s from a really long poem by T.S. Eliot,” people still didn’t seem to understand that it was an attempt to combine my two loves — writing and fashion. And that kept me from writing at all.

I don’t really know where I will be going from here, but I hope to cover a variety of topics, from finances to lifestyle to the recipe for the yogurt face mask I’ve been using the past few weeks. And I think that simplifying will help me feel like I can do that. I also think that all of the space I now have to expand and share design work will be fun for everyone.

To all of my dear WordPress family — I hope to see you on Squarespace! And I will, of course, still be visiting your sites.