things // about the author


I’m kind of a very odd person. I like big words and I like other people’s idiosyncrasies. I like fashion; I like self-expression through something as basic and necessary as covering yourself. I like to read and write and listen to music and watch movies and use too many conjunctions and draw and love. I like to love people and things and places and usually do those all at the same time. I like to travel and go places and try new things.

I am terrible at writing about myself, but if you read enough of my blog, you’ll get to know me. I spill my brain and thoughts and loves all in this one place that is just for me and for you who are reading it. And I like that. I can write for myself as a diary and a place to put my thoughts so that I do not forget them, while sharing them with all of you.

And that’s just about it.

// I live in Rockettown [but] dream of so much more than satellites.


Wondering where the name ‘A Proper Fool’ came from? T.S. Eliot’s famous poem, The Waste Land (162).