My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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Ninesday / a little early

I know it isn’t Thursday just yet. But I’ve been in a blogging sort of mood. Which is great for my readers, right? Now you get to pour over Ninesday an entire 24 hours early.

9. I got these for my birthday from my Madre. Also, these. And another pair of ankle booties, but I can’t seem to find a link for them. Just know that I now have three new pairs of shoes. And am wearing them in ASAP.


8. Lately, I’ve been in a daydreaming, blog rolling kind of mood. I just stumbled upon yellowtrace. It’s put together so beautifully.

7. I’m trying to grow my hair out some. Not a lot. Just a little here and there. Maybe, if I’m lucky, it will turn out to be as QT as this–


6. This image. Oh, to be such a beautiful puff of smoke. Travelling wherever one pleases, dancing over the water.


5. Spring Break is coming up. And fast. What are my plans? Probably sitting on the couch. Eternally. Studying statistics. Oh, and. Getting my wisdom teeth out. “CONGRATS ON YOUR LAST SPRING BREAK OF COLLEGE. I’MM’A STEAL YOUR TEETH.” Expect puffy face really QT photos.

4. This. This is my life. I might make one of these for my apartment.


3. Well, this video is kind of creepy. I have to say, however–killer eyeshadow. Though, I truly don’t understand the entire tips of her fingers being painted. It reminds me of chocolate or something.

2. Also on birthday topic, Alyssa supplied the midnight drinks, & Donnie planned a trip to ATL to go shopping, eating, and to see Ra Ra Riot. Here are a few snapshots, thanks to Instagram (was anyone else unaware of the new online IG profiles?)–









1. I am still in the running to win a paid internship in NYC with Vince Camuto. So if you have a few minutes of free time, will you log into Facebook, then follow this link and vote for me? The contest is for “Interview Attire.” Each person can vote once per day! Thank you, thank you, thank you (in advance)!


Lines / red & blue.

Outfit details // Blue & white striped top, thrifted // Red patent leather belt, Target // Black cargo skinnies, Sanctuary // Blue suede ankle booties, Sam Edelman // Emerald green ring, borrowed // Dooney & Bourke leather satchel, thrifted

My little brother turned 18 this week! The family went to Surin for dinner. He and I took several very unflattering photos. As did one of my photographers of the day.

I could have danced, danced, danced all night.

So many beautiful things to report–other than my tests. Birthday celebrations continued between cramming for midterms.

Nadene, Alyssa, Sara, and I made dinner on Thursday night. I finally got to make the Smitten Kitten recipe I’ve been talking about since this post!

Note: I’m going to try to revive my very aged digital camera and see if I can get better photos with that than my iPhone.

Nadene had a yummy recipe for Shepherd’s pie!

(the BB pie was Sara’s vegetarian version)

I got to come home for the weekend! Yay! It was lovely to see everyone! Friday night, I got Bandito and had Lefthand Milk Stout, courtesy of Nicholas. Then, we had a group of people watch The Human Centipede. Luckily, everyone talked enough that I hardly focused on the movie. Which was gross. And disturbing.

On Saturday night, after a full day of shopping with my family, we saw one of my favorite plays, My Fair Lady with my older sister, Kelsey, and my Nana.

I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, & still have begged for more. I could have spread my wings & done a thousand things I’ve never done before.

Another year older, still working on becoming wiser.

As most of you know, my birthday was this past Friday! Yay, 22!

How did I celebrate?

Well. I had to work on Friday night. But don’t fret! I had a great time with a local band, named Less Than Heroes, who played with an acoustic set performed by Franz. The highlight of the evening was Franz singing  Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” for my birthday, with the guys from Less Than Heroes doing backup vocals. Seriously, cutest thing ever.

After the show, I stopped by Faunhouse to see the opening of the new art exhibit featuring Jacqueline De La Vega. Her art is one of the  most interesting mediums I have ever seen–she doesn’t draw anything, she layers used tea bags to create really intricate scenes and portraits.

Then after the exhibit, I ended the night with complementary beer + pizza + king cake + a movie (which I fell asleep during).

It was a lovely, lovely evening.

The day itself was full of fun, also! My little sister was in town, so she accompanied me to all of my classes. After class, I was bombarded with 56 lil’ BB cupcakes from my roommate, Jen! So sweet! I am still working on devouring those. Between that, the ‘stache-shaped cake from Ann Burgwin, the king cake from Alyssa, & the beer from Donnie, I will need new pants, to be sure. Did I mention that Sarah gave me a stack of vinyl and local honey? And Nadene gave me the coolest jeans you’ve ever seen, ever ?!


Saturday was just as eventful–the Maker’s Market was a ton of fun! I sold a few things & hung out with Sara while we crafted and listened to local musicians and ate cupcakes.

This time of year has always been spent with family, so needless to say, they were all missed (except Grace, who was here!). Yep, I’m a teensy bit homesick. However. I have found so many great people here. And my birthday was absolutely wonderful, albeit busy.

The only thing that could have made it better was perhaps the addition of my obnoxious wienerschnitzel, Buffy [I’M A CRAZY DOG LADY, MAYBE].


But, I’ll see her this coming weekend when I go home (for the first time in two months!). I’m so very excited. Family dinner & My Fair Lady & time with Nana & my mom & siblings is so needed.

Midterms this week, posting will return to normal soon, I hope!

In progress / Sundays are for sewing.

This weekend has been a blur. I’m pretty sure my original plans included

  • not waiting until last-minute to study for a big test
  • painting my fingernails
  • working (as usual)
  • thrifting
  • doing birthday tasks with Alyssa
  • Plus a lot of sewing.

I accomplished a few of these things! Beer and pizza for birthday, thrifting EVERY DAY, and a bit of sewing for the upcoming Maker’s Market. The others, however…we shall not continue discussing. I prefer to focus on what was accomplished. And continue to ignore the rest.


This up-cycling thing is so incredibly addictive.

There is so much to be done.

22 is coming fast.

This is what I’m loving, in case you were in need of inspiration for my upcoming birthday.

11. Can someone find this print?

10. Some pretty, pretty coasters. And in the spirit of geode beauties–this ring.

9. J Crew Toothpick Jean in ANY color.

8. Dallas Maynard Scissor ring or earrings.

7. I’m still hoping for Jazz Fest this year (hint, hint).

6. A terrarium making party. LOL at this blog title: The Hipster Home.

5. A few yards of this fabric to play with.

4. Some home-made beauty regimens, like this sugar scrub.

3. I still need my Warby Parker glasses.

2. Crosley CR40 Mini Turntable

1. Skyrim.


2012 is coming, and I’m not quite ready yet.

Hello readers! It has been a while. A long, long while. I once said that I was going to start posting more frequently once classes slowed down. But, as they often do, my life picked up just as my studying dropped off.

My first semester at Auburn is over! A lot has happened since. Here is the past year in countdown, along with the first semester at Auburn.

January 2011:

I was pretty certain I would be a vegetarian and exercise daily. I had a trainer for the month. Then decided I didn’t really need either of those things, which is what generally happens to those New Years’ resolutions.

February 2011:

I turned 21! The event was well-chronicled by my close friends–I had my first drink (Long Island Iced Tea, courtesy of Ian) at midnight, and have tried many other since. Why, yes. That is Tim Kasher in the last photo! (SWOON)

March 2011:

Allison and I participated in a fashion show!

May 2011:

CHICAGO. TATTOO. SHOPPING. Don’t ask me whatever happened to the photos. I haven’t a clue. But I do have a few from my phone! [Note: FRONT ROW, LYKKI LI]

June 2011

The anniversary of my blog and I. What a journey it has been.

August-November 2011:

I moved to Auburn and got a job at a coffee shop! Jennifer and I spent a lot of time making our apartment extra adorable, also. I learned to like appreciate football, with the help of a visit from Miss Kelsey.

I made some great new friends and was an impressive Lady Gaga and later Holly Golightly for Halloween, if I do say so myself. I went to Atlanta for a day of thrifting, Greek food-eating, coffee-drinking, and vintage digging. Allison moved to Nashville while I’ve been in Auburn, and we have visited each other. Which has been very lovely.

December 2011:

So much has changed this year! The boy and I have parted ways, which I will not be sharing the details of. I have taken off the entire month of December from work and have been fully enjoying what I like to refer to as “curmudgeon” time. Kelsey has followed suit–she, Grace, and I got sushi pajamas for Christmas, and we have hardly left them since. Buffs has returned to being a lil’ lap doggie. I have missed the wiener schnitzel so so so much.

And that’s my year! Expect a post dedicated to New Year’s Eve. I have big plans.