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// lazy Monday wear.

On Monday morning, Allison and I dragged ourselves out of bed for an early breakfast at Crema (THE TOMATO THREE CHEESE QUICHE IS HEAVEN). After breakfast, we visited Cumberland Park for a little fun! Not pictured: the rock climbing attempt and repelling rope. It should be noted that I played with a new lens for these photos! It didn’t go quite as planned. But I did get a few that weren’t blurry out of it!

DSC_0052 DSC_0055 DSC_0056DSC_0060DSC_0138 DSC_0076DSC_0073 DSC_0159DSC_0230DSC_0250DSC_0220 DSC_0254 DSC_0267

Outfit details // Gap Boyfriend fit denim // Dolce Vita blue suede oxfords // T-shirt, hat, & belt thrifted //

// sweet potato hash + fried eggs.

Thanks to a great recipe I found on Nom Nom Paleo, I was able to use up the rest of last week’s groceries! I made a sweet & spicy potato hash with a fried egg on top.

DSC_0019 DSC_0026 DSC_0031DSC_0006


sweet potatoes (I used three so that I would have leftovers) // a bit of cinnamon // dried parsley // crushed red pepper // salt pepper to taste // Cajun seasoning // 1/4 stick butter // 2 eggs // (optional) mozzarella cheese

1. Peel sweet potatoes.

2. Grate sweet potatoes (the first time I made this, I couldn’t find the grater, so cut them very small–also effective) & transfer to a bowl.

3. Mix spices & parsley into the grated sweet potatoes.

4. Melt 1/4 stick of butter in skillet, when it begins to brown, add the sweet potatoes. Cook for 5-7 minutes, then turn the heat down and put a lid on the skillet.

5. In separate pan, fry eggs (the original recipe called for sunny sie up eggs, but I went ahead and flipped mine).

6. Place egg on top of sweet potato hash. All finished, time for brinner (breakfast + dinner)!


Saturday mornings with Nana.

She is my heart.


Last week’s outfits, sort of. This post is sew early!

I woke up bright and early this morning to sew some samples for my productions class. Why am I not always up this early? I’ve had coffee and breakfast, I’m ahead in my productions class, and I am ready for my day.

I might be turning a new leaf, in terms of sleep cycles.

Also, here are some Instagram’d photos of last week’s outfits! I haven’t been keeping up with outfit posts since I returned my borrowed camera. These will do, though!


{.:.that looks a lot like a gnome.:.}

Allison let me decorate my first cupcake yesterday! Let’s just say that my skills are lacking and produced a gnome-like product.

{.:.gnomes aren’t all that tasty looking.:.}

Allison and Hannah made some adorable minis, though!

{.:.aren’t they adorable?!?.:.}

Enough cupcake talk! I made breakfast day before yesterday and it was oh-so tasty! I made grits with pepperjack cheese, plopped an over easy egg on top, and super crispy bacon on top of that. MM. It was a tasty start to my day.

{.:NOM NOM.:.}

Has anyone else seen the movie Tarnation? It won at several film festivals and is a compilation of home movies and photos that put together Jonathan Caouette’s life. It’s pretty good. Very sad, so far. His mother is schizophrenic and Jonathan is coping with growing up homosexual. I’ll give it a 6.5/10.

What’s on the agenda for the rest of the day? Probably more movies and homework. Nothing exciting. OH, I almost forgot to tell you: MY SKETCHBOOK CAME IN!! The project will begin in a couple of weeks, when finals are over.

{.:.your knees are scratched and your eyes are black.:.}

Oh Friday, how I have missed thee.

It is time for another glorious morning rant. However, today’s topic cannot be attributed to today’s morning, mind you. It all happened yesterday, but I was not near a computer so that I could share my Thursday. Here it goes!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling…not at all refreshed…at about 6:32 am. But was that first time I was awakened from my unresponsive coma? Not even close. It all started at about 3:00 am. I woke up with a severely upset stomach. I’m not talking about a regular, “Take some Pepto and it’ll clear that right up” tummy ache, but rather, a “Someone is making a fist around my stomach, and clearly trying to rip it out of my insides, and away from its warm resting place” ache.

In general, when awakened with an ailment, I have the mindset of “sleeping will make it better.” Not this morning, though. It was a distinct pain that was capable of crumpling my body into the fetal position as I laid on the bathroom floor–the cold tile as my only comrade, cooling my body in an effort to calm the spasms of my stomach.

When you find yourself in these positions, with the only viable culprit being your beloved Firehouse Subs, you swear to yourself that if you just get “it” over with, you will be fine. If you can just force yourself to purposely endure the grotesqueness of your situation, you will feel better and might return to sleep. I, however, have not honed my skills in producing a catalyst  for making myself endure unpleasant situations. I can barely drink Nyquil, and we all know how beautifully you sleep when you do that. So imagine just how disturbed I was at MY OWN thoughts to induce a reaction.

I never went through with it. I just laid on that cold tile with my purple, wrinkled pillow case under my head. My biggest fear, seeing as I was already next to the toilet, and therefore armed with the only weapon I had, was that I would ruin my brand new purple pillow case.

Two hours later, after I went on a rigorous hunt for anything medicinal that might cure my ailment (I only take medicines when it is the absolute LAST resort). I found nothing, and in doing so, returned to my bed and my crumpled positioning.

Magically healing

I woke up at 6:32 am, only one and a half hours later, and I got dressed, grabbed my four pack of muffins and drove to work.

At work, I ate a banana nut muffin, had an iced white chocolate mocha (with an extra shot of espresso, thanks to Mr. Andree!) coffee, and everything was better. I am positive that a good muffin (or muffin top, in my case) will cure just about any morning.

Unrelated Note: I seem to have a green, leafy substance stuck in my plastic badge holder. I imagine it is quite embarrassed at this–it’s similar to the spinach that always seems to get stuck between your incisor and molar, on the left-side of your  mouth…which is only visible while smiling, making it almost a ghost-like Jolly Green Giant inside of your mouth to your colleagues, who have no immediate plans to inform you of your misfortune.

Song of the day: “Favourite Food” by Tokyo Police Club

{.:.a little bit, a little bit.:.}



On the menu for the next week: Shrimp Stirfry With Thai Chili Paste vs. Shrimp and Grits

Thai Shrimp Stirfry

Two of our close guy friends like to cook us dinner one week, and my sister and I cook dinner the next week. We were treated to a nice, lightly fried chicken, green beans, and garlic/butter rice this past Tuesday, so I think that I will switch it up a bit and make an international dish. Shrimp stirfry with rice, perhaps? I once had a Thai foreign exchange student in one of my cooking classes in high school, and she taught us to make chicken fried rice…can’t be too much harder, right?

Another option that sounds tres tasty: shrimp/grits/fried egg/bacon=mmmmmm… I’ve

Shrimp/poached egg/bacon/grits

always loved the combination of savory dinner-type foods with breakfast staples. Another perk to this recipe? Since I’ve already got the shrimp, breakfast ingredients are almost always magically cheaper than those for their later evening counterparts! As I continue to weight the pros and cons to bacon (cholesterol, salty, GOODNESS) to a lovely Thai experience (spicy, saucy, YUMMM) I think that the only way I can possibly make a decision would be to ask some of my dinner guests. I’ll let you know how it goes and post photos of the winner!



{.:.my nails chip blue at the thought of you.:.}

       Good morning on this Tuesday.

It seems that there has been some confusion as to what day it is–let me just clear that up     for you. It would be Monday, considering that it is the first day of working this week. HOWEVER, please do not get confused. Today is Tuesday, which will be two times as long, just to make up for missing a Monday.

Perk to it already being the second day of the week? Mostly that we will get to leave work in four days this week, as opposed to the usual five days. It may feel the same length, but somewhere between Thursday morning and Friday evening, we will finally realize the weight of missing a single day of work; feeling more relaxed and able to “charge on” than we were the last week.

What if all weeks were four-day weeks?! Would we then be sour, wishing for a three-day week? That is the hopelessness of our want. We always want more, or in this case–much less.

Back to our boxes, to finish the day.

Unrelated note: Best of luck to Chuck Norris, aka Kelsey, who is more than halfway to Spain right now, starting her own adventure. Follow her during her semester abroad via her blog: http://chucknotcharles.wordpress.com/