My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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And here it is, blogging again; my shortlist.

Hello all,

What a busy few months it has been! I’ve been camping and from that gained a truly great gradient of shorts tan on my legs and sock tan on my feet; I’ve decided to pick up rollerblading (circa 1990s) for exercising; I’ve taken late-night trips into deep parts of AL that I’ve never seen/heard of; I’ve seen numerous bands and fought the hordes of people at Bonnaroo; I’ve made dozens of bb pies and consumed less coffee than usual (with the exception of my recent trip to Nashville); I’ve plotted stealing a teeny cat to keep in my pocket; I’ve switched to being a vegetarian, which has me eating a lot healthier (with the exception of the aforementioned bb pies); I’ve become… completely out of practice with writing.

Here’s the shortlist–I’ll be seeing Mynabirds at Bottletree this Wednesday. There will be photos to follow. Along with Ninesday posts picking back up (I’m scheduling them as we speak, readers!). My solitude has passed and I’m ready to re-enter the blogging world.

Does everyone go through this type of distance with blogging? At times, I’m so excited to share all of the things I’ve found while bouncing around from blog-to-blog, and other times…I really, really hate writing. And editing/uploading photos. And deciding which parts of my life are worth sharing and which parts should be kept private. Any thoughts?


My weekend more than half-full // music, more music, & zombies.

Friday: George Romero zombie-flicks.

I am writing my final paper for Racial Science Fiction on three of George Romero’s zombie films–Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead. We’ll be starting them really late tonight, only adding to the horror! BRING ON THE GORE.

SATURDAY: 280 Boogie/Waverly Boogie

The Boogie is at Standard Deluxe. I’ll be camping with all of the Gnu’s Room baristas as a pre-Bonnaroo practice run. I’ll also be helping Sarah sell Mama Mocha’s coffee. There really aren’t many things better than listening to music, drinking coffee, and camping.

Sunday: Sharon van Etten & Lyrid Meteor Shower

Lyrid Meteor Shower & I’m going to finish out the weekend with Sharon van Etten at Bottletree with Nadene. She introduced me to Sharon a few weeks back, and I haven’t been able to put her music down.

Words cannot express how excited I am for this weekend.


More photos Allison found–I believe these are from September? We baked at a camp outside of Asheville for a weekend. It was a magical place.

I want to be outside.

Camping, at it’s finest

When I was younger, my older sister, Kelsey, and I had a sense of adventure; we would venture out into the woods in the morning, and not return until evening, pretending to be lost or live on our own in the forest with the little forts that we made with my older brother, Bryan. I can’t describe it–we had no concept of danger, no idea that dumpster-diving for fort material was illegal, nor did we care. Just outside of Washington, DC in a tiny apartment for the summer that we spent with our grandparents, we were constantly bringing back  items that we found–a dining room table, a lamp, a chair, boxes galore (you know, for sledding in the summer)…we just played.

When it was raining outside, we brought our adventures indoors. We were constantly trying to build little homemade security devices to deter burglars (not that we would really have any on the  twelfth floor) or building tents out of every blanket, sheet, and pillow we could find.

On one of our many indoor “excursions,” we were lost in the wilderness. We therefore made our little knapsacks full of what food we scavenged for, i.e. vegetarian cheese, glasses of milk, and toaster strudel. But, of course we had to cook these items! How is one to survive in the wilderness eating raw, wild game?! So where did we turn? To our recently recovered white lamp. It was perfect, once you took that white dotted glass shade off, you had the perfect little campfire to roast our cheese on.

Yes, we roasted cheese on it. It turned black. We considered it well-done, and we ate it anyway.

Those were the best days.