My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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An outfit post, for busy Sundays.

This past week was insanely busy, and I can think of nothing but how prolonged that busyness will be–my upcoming week has three papers, two tests, and one project calling for my attention.

Therefore, if posting becomes even more sparse, my apologies.

One of my close friends, Lauren (photo editor for the Glomerata), helped me take photos this week for my portfolio so that I could submit that + resume for an internship with Alice + Olivia in NYC.

I will use these photos of the dress I made for an outfit post! Note the cute window display at Faunhouse.

Sometimes, I hold pinecones. Duh.

Outfit details: Eryn Elizabeth dress (eek, sounds so fancy!) // thrifted black oxfords // Anthropologie polka dot tights // J Crew belt

Design sketch inspired by A + O’s Spring ’12 collection.

I now want to dress cute and dance. All of the time.

Clearly, that was the sentiment intended from the video, right?

In other news, Allison just returned from London & Paris! I can’t wait to catch up! I have movie dates this week with both she and Kelsey. That’s surely more important than homework. I mean, sanity must be preserved.

Refinery 29 / Styleblogger contest.

I am finally visible on the Styleblogger contest.


There are a couple of ways to vote:

  1. Click on the above picture, which will take you to the Styleblogger page–scroll down and find me. Then, click on the cute little heart.

  2. Click the button at the bottom of this post.


So there’s this contest.

My little sister just sent me the link for Refinery 29’s Styleblogger contest. I would like to at least upload a photo and join in! I think it would be a lot of fun.


It requires me to login using Facebook. I’ve been off of Facebook for nearly two months now. In fact, just earlier today, I mentioned how much happier I am without it–I’m not keeping in touch with people I was never actually friends with, I’m keeping up with all of my coursework thus far. And hey, have you noticed the blogging? That’s a product of not wasting time  on Facebook.

So, thoughts? Does anyone think this contest is worth breaking my Facebook silence? The solitude has been pretty fantastic, I must admit

Possible photo submissions:

So, I need some opinions. Should I rejoin the masses on Facebook? If so, what photo should I use for my submission?

Ninesday, on a Wednesday.

9. I think this badge is in keeping with my resolutions. Another bonus? It’s only five dollars.

8. I am dying to go to Jazz Fest this year. Someone volunteer  to go with before you’re forced.

7. I’m not really sure why I was shy about Florence + The Machine previously. This song is on loop. An unofficial anthem, if you will–I am dancing to it right now.

6. Things you should know: after I watched an incredibly disturbing video about hacking into webcams, I am occasionally freaked out when alone. I was looking for more lovelies to post here and someone started talking. YES, TALKING. Thankfully, it was an auto-play video on the bottom of a page on which I had not scrolled down far enough. I basically just died.

5. I’ve been wanting this map series for a while. Maybe this is the year I save up for purchasing them!

4. I’m completely obsessed with Best Made Company. Which is kind of a cop-out, because #9 was also Best Made-related. I CAN’T HELP IT THAT EVERYTHING ON THEIR WEBSITE IS AMAZING.

3. I need this shirt. A whole bunch.

2. The AntiDuckface. I. CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING. And maybe just scrolled through every post ever. Yep, this is my Sunday night.

1. I am completely OBSESSED with Dallas Maynard’s kind of gothic jewelry. I want to buy everything, absolutely everything. You’ll see several links to this obsession upcoming, with my birthday fast-approaching and all!

Outfit post: custom Shutters & Shuttles scarf

Outfit details//  Target basic grey tee//Pleated black maxi skirt (thrifted)//Ropers calf-height black boots (thrifted)//Dooney & Bourke leather purse (thrifted)

Shutters & Shuttles custom-ordered wool scarf

{.:.Oh what I wouldn’t do.:.}

Have you ever had one of those days in which you were angry. Completely and utterly enraged, yet couldn’t quite determine the reason?

Today has been, to put it lightly, miserable. It is raining, it is 45 degrees, and I cannot get the heat in the house to work without roasting me. Therefore, I sit here, icicles and all, typing to you all.

This semester, I have had a rough time with Art History. Yes, it’s a level 100 course, yes I find this admittance embarrassing. I made the decision last night/this morning to drop the class. Had I come to this realization two weeks ago, it would have been relatively painless, but because it is now the end of the semester, I have to get my (1) my teacher, (2) the Department Chair, (3) the Dean of the college to sign off on my withdrawal. Did I mention that they require a good reason, and the website states that “proper documentation” is necessary?

I set out to accomplish something. I emailed all three of the required signatures, in hopes of at least one of them responding. Yet, lo and behold! Both the Department Chair and the Dean responded in UNDER ONE HOUR. I have never had a more efficient and helpful email conversation IN MY LIFE. They were encouraging, though regretful for the circumstances.

What do’ya know? There is sanity left in this world.

What else is making me grumpy this morning? Well, it’s mostly a build-up of my procrastination, carefully coupled with my usually helpful attitude which just asks for extra responsibilities that are not really my own. That seems vague, but I don’t think much more detail is needed. Basically, I’m stressed. I’m stressed out from school and getting my transfer things in order, and I just need a break. THANK GOD for our entire month off for Christmas.

Best gift I’ve ever gotten, fo’ sho.’

And here for my usual circular discussions: I am trying so very hard to be mad. I spilled coffee on myself and threw it away, I had to stop for gas in this rainy weather, I had to walk across campus twice in the rain to get my signatures done…yet, I just can’t seem to be in a bad mood.


I’ve been trying. All day. Here I am, with a cute outfit perfectly suited for the weather, and apparently the most difficult to break good mood ever. I’ll just deal.