My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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// lazy Monday wear.

On Monday morning, Allison and I dragged ourselves out of bed for an early breakfast at Crema (THE TOMATO THREE CHEESE QUICHE ISĀ HEAVEN). After breakfast, we visited Cumberland Park for a little fun! Not pictured: the rock climbing attempt and repelling rope. It should be noted that I played with a new lens for these photos! It didn’t go quite as planned. But I did get a few that weren’t blurry out of it!

DSC_0052 DSC_0055 DSC_0056DSC_0060DSC_0138 DSC_0076DSC_0073 DSC_0159DSC_0230DSC_0250DSC_0220 DSC_0254 DSC_0267

Outfit details // Gap Boyfriend fit denim // Dolce Vita blue suede oxfords // T-shirt, hat, & belt thrifted //

{.:.you gotta lose a couple fights to win.:.}

Good morning readers!

This week is seemingly NEVER ENDING. Like that movie with the giant dog that flies? Some of you will know what I’m rambling about.

I worked last night and in my usual absent-mindedness, I forgot to change out of my flats and into my Toms/Keds/tennis shoes. Yes, I’m sure you’re all thinking that it can’t be much different–that Toms and Keds offer no support anyway…but WOW. My feet were in so much pain! I had to soak them in the bathtub when I got home, just before I passed out.

Yesterday was an all-around drab day. I wanted to spend my morning outdoors, enjoying the lovely sunshine and cool weather, but rather, was stuck inside writing a paper that was due in the afternoon, which I had (ONCE AGAIN) over-procrastinated on. Quite badly this time. Nonetheless, I finished my paper, turned it in, and drove straight to work.

But this tree made my day. It is so pretty. I took the picture at the beginning of the week when it was raining, but as I do not have a photo from yesterday’s blue skies, I will upload it now, anyway.

Unrelated note: Allison and I are going to Nashville tomorrrow! We thought that with Thanksgiving coming up, we would be working on Sunday (unusual for cupcakes; we are closed Sundays). But alas! We will get to go after all. UAL, here we come!

{.:.Oh what I wouldn’t do.:.}

Have you ever had one of those days in which you were angry. Completely and utterly enraged, yet couldn’t quite determine the reason?

Today has been, to put it lightly, miserable. It is raining, it is 45 degrees, and I cannot get the heat in the house to work without roasting me. Therefore, I sit here, icicles and all, typing to you all.

This semester, I have had a rough time with Art History. Yes, it’s a level 100 course, yes I find this admittance embarrassing. I made the decision last night/this morning to drop the class. Had I come to this realization two weeks ago, it would have been relatively painless, but because it is now the end of the semester, I have to get my (1) my teacher, (2) the Department Chair, (3) the Dean of the college to sign off on my withdrawal. Did I mention that they require a good reason, and the website states that “proper documentation” is necessary?

I set out to accomplish something. I emailed all three of the required signatures, in hopes of at least one of them responding. Yet, lo and behold! Both the Department Chair and the Dean responded in UNDER ONE HOUR. I have never had a more efficient and helpful email conversation IN MY LIFE. They were encouraging, though regretful for the circumstances.

What do’ya know? There is sanity left in this world.

What else is making me grumpy this morning? Well, it’s mostly a build-up of my procrastination, carefully coupled with my usually helpful attitude which just asks for extra responsibilities that are not really my own. That seems vague, but I don’t think much more detail is needed. Basically, I’m stressed. I’m stressed out from school and getting my transfer things in order, and I just need a break. THANK GOD for our entire month off for Christmas.

Best gift I’ve ever gotten, fo’ sho.’

And here for my usual circular discussions: I am trying so very hard to be mad. I spilled coffee on myself and threw it away, I had to stop for gas in this rainy weather, I had to walk across campus twice in the rain to get my signatures done…yet, I just can’t seem to be in a bad mood.


I’ve been trying. All day. Here I am, with a cute outfit perfectly suited for the weather, and apparently the most difficult to break good mood ever. I’ll just deal.