My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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9. The Head & the Heart. So heartfelt. I hit play and get a little lost in their harmony. Does anyone want to see them in ATL 5/22? Tickets aren’t on sale yet. But they surely will be SOON.

Do you remember every block /
Every minute of every walk we used to take /

Oh God I love my vices but they’ve taken me to places /
That I never thought I’d go and I am ready to be home /
And I think of every spark every whisper in the dark, now it’s time /
Just wanna die with the one I love /
Just wanna die with the one I love /
Just wanna die with the one I love /
Just wanna die with the one I love beside me /

8. Loving this ombre blush feather headband I found on Etsy.

7.  Braxton Crim, the “Anatomy of the South” poster is phenomenal.

6. Motherbird, no truer statement ever was said.

5. This is what my handwriting says about me:

  • If your writing slants..Not at all: You tend to be logical and practical. You are guarded with your emotions.
  • If the size of your letters are..Large: You have a big personality. Many celebrities have large handwriting. It may suggest that you are outgoing and like the limelight; I’d say my letters are more often…Average: You are well-adjusted and adaptable.
  • Full for “L”: You are spontaneous and relaxed and find it easy to express yourself.
  • Full for “E”: You have an open mind and enjoy trying new things.
  • For the “s”: Open at the bottom: You might not be following your heart. For example, you always wanted to be an artist, but you have a career in finance & Pointy: You are intellectually probing and like to study new things. The higher and pointier the peaks, the more ambitious you are.

Did any of you take the quiz? What were your results?

4. Her tattoos are lovely. I’ve been in a tattoo-obsessed mood as of late. I’m fairly certain that I’ll be expanding on mine in the next few months.

3. I’m making this fruity bruschetta this evening! And maybe also this yummy looking mint/blood orange whiskey sour. For a friend’s birthday.

2. Have any of you lovely readers tried the Crest Pro Health whitening mouth wash? It leaves an awful taste in my mouth. One of those tastes that even coffee and oatmeal can’t get rid of, apparently.

1. So true, Bukowski. So true. Lately, I’ve been in a hermit mode–read, eat, sleep (only a little), homework. Plus a dash of fun here and there, of course.


{.:.you live on a cloud in the sunshine all around.:.}

Welcome to the second post of this Wicked Wednesday?…doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue; Welcome Wednesday?…that is flat out lying; Weird Wednesday?…seems cliche; Warranting Wednesday?…a little strange, but I think that one suits.

Wednesday warrants new music. Finds of the day & links to free downloads:

Trust” by Old Canes

Breakneck Speed” by Tokyo Police Club

Tokyo Police Club’s latest album, “Champ,” has a five song sampler on their website and unless they put a lot of effort into only choosing the decent songs off of it, they’ve done a great job! Take a listen at http://tokyopoliceclub.com/. They do a mixture of their techno sounds with an indie/pop/alt beat that reminds me of the early days of Cold War Kids.

Blueberry” by Late of the Pier

Rules Don’t Stop” by We Are Scientists

Cloudy Shoes”  by Damien Jurado

“Under Cover Martyn” by Two Door Cinema

Boy Lilikoi” by Jonsi

Song of the day was actually chosen from this list: “Blueberry” by Late of the Pier