My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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{.:.and i’m coming to these terms that my heart won’t beat anymore.:.}

I have gotten today’s posts out-of-order; my apologies. This is the outfit I wore to work today: Mossimo Target tank ($9.99), Anthropologie mini jacket ($62.00), DKNY jeans ($15.00), Emerald green flats ($2.99)=$89.98

Time it took to get ready: 20 minutes

Alterations: 0

Days left: 22   ;   Outfits left: 42

{.:.and then my soul saw you and it kind of went ‘oh there you are. i’ve been looking for you’.:.}

Went to dinner at Edo. MM sushi.

Date outfit: Floral maxi dress ($12.50), Italian leather sandals ($35.00), ribbon for hair ($0.25)=$37.75

Time it took to get ready: 10 minutes

Alterations: 0

Days left: 22   ;   Outfits left: 43

{.:.they made a statue of us and put it on a mountain top.:.}

Sorry I’m getting this post updated a little late, it was saved in my drafts. Whoops! More to come!!

Well a “Happy Tuesday” to you, too! It is going to be a long, long day. This morning started with getting up 20 minutes early to take my older sister to her vehicle, which was left at my dad’s house. As a reward for getting up early, I got a Red Eye (espresso + French roast) and a honey/cranberry/almond bagel. Talk about yumm-o! I think I may be a bagel convert!

Plans tonight include lots of girl time with my two sisters–we are going to continue our tradition of seeing the Twilight saga in theaters at midnight. I just might pass out. Another Red Eye will be a necessity, no doubt. We will watch the first two as a recap and order pizza.

What am I wearing today? Another one of the deals I got while out-of-town was this Christopher Deane knotted halter ($2.50), Urban Outfitters nautical sweater ($29.99), H&M black shorts ($24.99), Charles Albert orange suede wedges($5.00)=$62.48

Time it took to get ready: 17 minutes (I timed myself this morning!) to get dressed, do my hair, and apply minimal makeup

Alterations: 2 (the halter has a keyhole in the front of it, so I pinned a small square of lace in it and I also had to roll up my pants, yet again)

Days left: 23   ;   Outfits left: 44

One of my favorite artists is Regina Spektor. She has a beautiful voice and her lyrics are always unique–“Us” is off on the 500 Days of Summer Soundtrack and I am in love with it!

{.:.just another manic monday, who-o-a, wish it was sunday, who-o-a.:.}

Hello all,

I do apologize for not updating for a few days–I have been visiting the town I grew up in. I had a lovely visit with old friends, but am grateful for being home.

Does anyone else “have a case of the Mondays?”

Today’s outfit: A Common Thread top ($5.00), white denim jeans ($14.99), Black and Blue Mary Jane heels ($35.00)= $54.99

Time it took to get ready: I decided that sleep was more important than a shower this morning, so the only thing I did to get ready was put my hair up and add a bit of makeup. Has anyone else used lipstick as a blush substitute? I loved how smooth it went on and my cheeks looked freshly pinched all day.

Alterations: 1 (I rolled my pants up above my ankle so that my über cute shoes would show)

Days left: 24   ;   Outfits left: 45

I will hopefully be getting a post up of my weekend cute-ness and all of the shopping that I did (very cheaply) while I was visiting “The Burg.”

I loved visiting my favorite store, UAL–they only have a few locations, unfortunately.

Song I can’t get enough of today: “Manic Monday” by The Bangles

{.:.i will possess your heart.:.}

I think that I have ventured away from the original purpose of my blogging: fashion. Therefore, in an assignment to myself that I hope will help me to understand my own sense of style and inspire others to do the same, I will be posting one or two new photos every day for the next month.

I will be using clothing that I already own, as well as thrift store finds, altered hand-me-downs, and good ole’ innovation.

After the looks are posted, I will write estimated cost of the outfit, amount of time it took to put the look together, and what alterations (if any) had to be made in order to make the outfit a success.

Final goal of this up-and-coming month: to sell items that I no longer wear. I’ll put that information up as we go along.

Here is the official challenge: 50 looks, 30 days.

Start date: 06/21/2010

Great things that have happened on June 21?

In 1990, Nelson Mandela wore a Yankees hat in New York and proclaimed, “I am a Yankee!”

In 1982, Paul McCartney released the single “Take it Away”

In 1952, anti-protons are detected in the atmosphere.

And soon to be added to this list: Eryn challenges herself and fully intends to meet the requirements.

Song of the day: “I Will Possess Your Heart” by Death Cab for Cutie

{.:.Don’t be alarmed, it’s not the end of the world.:.}

{.:.HYPE! me.:.}

I’m getting things started for my fashion blogging. I’ll be uploading photos periodically. Comment with HYPE! if you like it, and maybe I’ll make it on lookbook eventually.

Song of the day: “This Is Not the End” by The Bravery

{.:.alligator tears cried over you.:.}

Creme Flower

Such a simple, elegant look! Another photo from lookbook, Orenda Sophie does a great job pairing an off-white vintage-inspired dress with the stark black of her opaque hosiery. Check out more of her looks at http://mannequinmode.blogspot.com/
She has a great sense of style, and her photos show that she does not confine herself to only one look! Also, I am crazy about her hair. She kind of looks like Ashley Judd in this photo…
This look has an interesting twist–the beret/daisy duke shorts combination is adorable, and I think that she pulls it off very well. I just visited Constance’s blog and saw that she made these shorts from cut-off TopShop pants. She did a great job with the DIY! You can also view her website, which has her photography portfolio on it at: http://www.constance-victoria.co.uk/index.html.
Song of the day: “Alligator” by Tegan & Sara

{.:.s – uh – weet home al – uh – bam – uhhhh.:.}

Sunny with a chance of pale


This is one of my favorite lookbookers…not only because I’m biased, since she is from Alabama, but also because she always has the most adorable photos. She owns her own style, and her hair and makeup reflect that in all of her photos. Check out her site http://leahfoundhappiness.blogspot.com/ and get inspired to be adorable!

{.:.I just do not like Mondays.:.}


I do love a fashion-conscious boy!

So glad that not all of the world is stuck in the tee shirts, polos, and half-tucked in button downs of yester-year. The updated versions of a blend of the 20s and 50s is refreshing, and…I like his socks.

{.:.her hair is almost the color of mine.:.}

 As I finish up this Wednesday, I did a little surfing on lookbook.nu and fell in love with this girl’s entire look. From her hair to her perfectly matched outfit, she looks done-up and like she threw it all on at the same time.

Can we talk about the necklace?! I went through a phase of being completely obsessed with anchors, and she marries it to her outfit with ease.

Plus, I recently dyed my hair to a similar color. So overall, hype!