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// lazy Monday wear.

On Monday morning, Allison and I dragged ourselves out of bed for an early breakfast at Crema (THE TOMATO THREE CHEESE QUICHE IS HEAVEN). After breakfast, we visited Cumberland Park for a little fun! Not pictured: the rock climbing attempt and repelling rope. It should be noted that I played with a new lens for these photos! It didn’t go quite as planned. But I did get a few that weren’t blurry out of it!

DSC_0052 DSC_0055 DSC_0056DSC_0060DSC_0138 DSC_0076DSC_0073 DSC_0159DSC_0230DSC_0250DSC_0220 DSC_0254 DSC_0267

Outfit details // Gap Boyfriend fit denim // Dolce Vita blue suede oxfords // T-shirt, hat, & belt thrifted //

// Nashville, a 12-hour affair.

After much deliberation, coaxing, and begging (really, it didn’t require any of that), I took a short trip up to Nashville to visit Allison, Roger, and their pups, Luna & Bermuda. So what does one do when only visiting a city for 12 hours? As much as you can, of course.

We started off with mandatory caffeination–Barista Parlor was closest, so that hit the spot! Next up, the collaboration between pop-up ramen shop Otaku South and Hattie B’s Hot Chicken. And it was. Amazing. Perfect noodles, crunchy and spicy chicken, all floating in a well-seasoned broth. It should also be mentioned that even though I ordered the “hot” bowl, it wasn’t so hot that you could not enjoy the meal. The spices on the chicken were mild enough to enhance the sweetness of the batter, leaving your mouth prickling and excited for more.

DSC_0002 DSC_0006 DSC_0009 DSC_0011 DSC_0014 DSC_0021

I finally got to meet the friends I’ve heard so much about! Mallory was a sweetheart and Nicole (Monday Mint) & Kelly were so fun! Post-dinner, we went to the Grassy Knoll Movie Night to see Easy Rider. Was anyone else kind of completely disturbed by this movie? I mean, initially, you’re just really confused about why you’ve been watching absolutely nothing happen for 45 minutes. Then, there’s young Jack Nicholson. THEN spoiler, everyone’s dead. BAM. Also, can we just talk for a second about this AMAZING vintage blanket Allison scored at a yard sale recently?

DSC_0023 DSC_0027 DSC_0033 DSC_0035 DSC_0040We finished off the evening with a girl’s trip to The Patterson House, where I ventured from my usual favorite cocktail, the Blinker, and tried the Hungarian Like the Wolf. I was not disappointed. In fact, one drink in, and I could feel it. So yes, those $12 cocktails are worth it. Luckily, Roger was kind enough to be our chauffeur/DD, so Allison and I weren’t stranded.

Partially because the next day required a super-early trip home and partially because Allison and I always have a habit of waking up obscenely early, we got up at 6:30 am to visit Crema and get some photos around the city. Photos of food, cappuccinos, and what to wear to feel like you’re still in pajamas (yet looking chic) are coming soon.


// first out-of-state visitor — Allison!

DSC_0259 DSC_0262 DSC_0263DSC_0264 DSC_0270 DSC_0273 DSC_0275 DSC_0277 DSC_0279 DSC_0280 DSC_0282 DSC_0283 DSC_0312DSC_0318 DSC_0320 DSC_0321 DSC_0329 DSC_0335Allison’s trip was fantastic! She had a Nashville friend recommend Pies -n- Thighs & O.M.G. fried chicken & waffles. I mean…I may be from the South, but I had never tried the iconic pairing. Imagine here: a cinnamon-y, buttery, fruity waffle. Sweet, but not too sweet. And with that, a salty, crunch, perfectly spiced piece of chicken. To say it was delicious is not giving it justice. Maybe I was starving, maybe it was actually mind numbingly good. Either way, I will definitely be going back.

Other visits that day included Blue Bottle Coffee (another recommendation from the Pies -n- Thighs gurus), the Brooklyn Flea Market, Dylan’s Candy Bar, a quick stop at the Met, and a second cup of joe at Sweetleaf. Of course there were thrifted finds, missed subway trains, bus mishaps, clothing malfunctions, hot dog debacles, and everything else that just happens in NYC that you forget to immortalize in writing.

Our first full day of the trip was such a success. Allison and I haven’t had a long visit in far too long and it was great to catch-up while touring the city.

It should also be mentioned that I found the rather strange jumper I am wearing for $10 at a street fair. I’m not crazy about the material, but it was so comfy!

// Nashville, a few weeks late.

Recently, I took a couple of mini trips to Nashville. No, unfortunately, they weren’t quite long enough for me to visit Allison (other than a quick hello!), but they were just long enough to get some family time in–on the first trip, I did a cake tasting with my sister and her fiancée and for the second trip, we scoured shops for post-graduation clothing [oh yeah, I’M DONE WITH COLLEGE, YOU GUYS].

First stop on the wedding cake trip–Barista Parlor. Joe had fancy chocolate for breakfast, of course. I had a jam tart.




For the cakes, we went to Sweet 16th Bakery. We tried several different desserts–the Elvis, a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, a lemon bar…and to cut the sugar, we had one of their famous breakfast sandwiches and Israeli cous cous salad [menu here].








And on the more recent Nashville trip–a stop at my beloved Crema just before digging through designer castoffs at UAL. I didn’t carry my camera around for this trip, so I just have a few cell phone shots of the afternoon. We finished out the day with lunch at Silly Goose and a quick stop to see Allison at Eclectic Nashville. You can see photos on Instagram here and here.

It was nice to get a chance to get away from Auburn and Huntsville, even if for just a few hours!

I found a wall that matched my outfit.

There are so many great things about visiting Nashville. Number one, Allison lives there! Number two, there is good coffee everywhere. Number three, there are walls that match my outfit. You know, just out and about. Allison and I woke up disgustingly early (per usual when I visit) so that we could take some quick snapshots for our respective outfit posts. It’s so much easier when you have someone there with you! You will surely see the difference between her shots of me and the self-timed shoots coming up.


Outfit details // Red & blue plaid shirt- thrifted / Pilcro Novelty Roll Ups shorts – Anthropologie / Moon necklace – UAL / Soft pink patent leather belt – J Crew / Louis Vuitton clutch- thrifted / Leather flats – Anthropologie //

Did you get a chance to check out Allison’s post yet? Her styling is perfect!

Nashville wear.

Bow & Arrow denim (from Nadene!) // Lucky Brand silk camisole // Anthropologie lace bralet // thrifted oxfords

Photos courtesy of Allison & tattoo done by Samantha Sue, Chicago

the occasion-less dress found an occasion

One dress–two ways.

Mauve evening gown: H&M

Olive green sandals: UAL

Belt: thrifted

Jacket: Lucky Brand

I bought this lovely in Chitown from H&M. I fell in love with the pleats (and price) immediately, and Allison quickly talked me into purchasing it. However, it was named my “occasionless dress,” because it is just far too fancy for day-to-day wear. Well, unless you are friends with Allison who also bought an occasionless piece and feel that evening wear has a place in the daily. Therefore, we put on our polyester beauties and headed up to Nashville for an entire day filled with shopping, food, photos, and SO MANY laughs.

There are, of course, more photos to come. This is just an outfit teaser.

{.:.Franklin//Nashville//Where to go?(part 2).:.}

And yet some more places to visit!

{.:.1//Lulu: unfortunately, this little shop in Franklin does not yet have a website, but according to the shop owner, it’s coming soon! It is DEFINITELY worth the drive, though! It is decorated with so many one-of-a-kind pieces of art, is full of Anthropologie-esque decor, and they even have locally created jewelry. Favorite new place, for sure. – 2/Elder’s Bookstore : Literally is full of books that you WILL NOT FIND elsewhere! They have a very extensive collection of books of all ages, and their antiques are impressive, especially for an avid collector. – 3/Philanthropy : “Fashion + Compassion” is their statement; I am in love with all that they do! When I enter the fashion industry, I hope to make a lasting impact in the same way that they do. Internship, maybe? I think yes. – 4/Rock Block Guitars : I know that I’m not exactly musically inclined, but even I was excited to be in this store! They had so much equipment that I am now eager to learn! Lucas had a fun time, and is now in need of 64763475437676597656854 dollars so that he can buy everything there…anyone wanna volunteer? – 5/Avec Moi : Another locally owned store in Franklin that, unfortunately, does not have a website. That’s okay, though. I loved them, anyway! They had cutesy candles, furniture, dishes, and just about anything you need for a fancy dinner party (even little place cards with silverware printed on them!).

{.:.Franklin//Nashville//Where to go?(part 1).:.}

Lucas, Jake, and I went to Franklin and Nashville yesterday! We found some truly amazing places–enjoy!

{.:.Where to go Franklin//Nashville.:.}

{.:. 1//Ivey Cake : While walking in downtown Franklin, I found this cutesy little cupcake shop! It’s very similar to where I work, but the cupcakes are a bit smaller. I got a chocolate-covered coconut cupcake, and it was oh-so tasty! – 2/Rock Paper Scissors : Also in downtown Franklin, Rock Paper Scissor has loads of adorable stationary, hand-printed cards, and wrapping paper. I have a soft spot for paper items. – 3/Haven: There were quite a few boutiques in downtown Franklin, but this is one of the ones that stood out the most! While it is pricey, it is definitely worth stopping by, even if it is out of your price range; their decorations are rustic and earthy, and full of detail. – 4/Franklin Tea : Lucas was so excited about this store! He loves tea, and was very impressed with their loose-leaf selection. They also had an adorable little tea set on sale. Too bad we didn’t get to buy it. – 5/Crema : Crema in Nashville is literally one of the BEST coffee places I have ever visited! I was so impressed with the laid-back atmosphere, their passion for coffee, and the friendly people there. Did I mention that they have Wi-Fi? Yep, win.

{.:.you gotta lose a couple fights to win.:.}

Good morning readers!

This week is seemingly NEVER ENDING. Like that movie with the giant dog that flies? Some of you will know what I’m rambling about.

I worked last night and in my usual absent-mindedness, I forgot to change out of my flats and into my Toms/Keds/tennis shoes. Yes, I’m sure you’re all thinking that it can’t be much different–that Toms and Keds offer no support anyway…but WOW. My feet were in so much pain! I had to soak them in the bathtub when I got home, just before I passed out.

Yesterday was an all-around drab day. I wanted to spend my morning outdoors, enjoying the lovely sunshine and cool weather, but rather, was stuck inside writing a paper that was due in the afternoon, which I had (ONCE AGAIN) over-procrastinated on. Quite badly this time. Nonetheless, I finished my paper, turned it in, and drove straight to work.

But this tree made my day. It is so pretty. I took the picture at the beginning of the week when it was raining, but as I do not have a photo from yesterday’s blue skies, I will upload it now, anyway.

Unrelated note: Allison and I are going to Nashville tomorrrow! We thought that with Thanksgiving coming up, we would be working on Sunday (unusual for cupcakes; we are closed Sundays). But alas! We will get to go after all. UAL, here we come!