My great mistake, the fault for which I can't forgive myself, is that one day I ceased my obstinate pursuit of my own individuality // Oscar Wilde

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9. Quadron.


7.  This is at the top of my “I wish I could afford this” wish list, currently. I can think of at least 718615761571 outfits involving this one dress.

6. Well, isn’t this just the cutest blog you’ve ever seen? Upon a fold, you’ve captured me. Check out this embroidery post dedicated to Yumiko Arimoto. What a find.

5. Am I the only one who hadn’t heard of Julia Frakes until recently? This fashion show enthusiast is a writer/editor, has a degree in psychology, oh, and she models. I can’t decide what I am more impressed with–pulling off those shoes or those socks. Really, I’m probably most impressed with the combination. Let’s be real.

4. Check out this kitty love from The Small Object’s Flickr. My goodness. And while you’re at it, check out their blog. And this quilt. Dying to make one with a similar color palette. Sean thinks I should make some of these cooling neck scarves.

3. Salt Water Cure.

2. Here‘s a lovely Fashion Sketchpad. And a video tutorial to boot.

1. Oh Sully, this just might be one of my favorite photoshoots. Ever. Did I mention that I’m in love with all of your work? And also your horned lion branding?

I found a wall that matched my outfit.

There are so many great things about visiting Nashville. Number one, Allison lives there! Number two, there is good coffee everywhere. Number three, there are walls that match my outfit. You know, just out and about. Allison and I woke up disgustingly early (per usual when I visit) so that we could take some quick snapshots for our respective outfit posts. It’s so much easier when you have someone there with you! You will surely see the difference between her shots of me and the self-timed shoots coming up.


Outfit details // Red & blue plaid shirt- thrifted / Pilcro Novelty Roll Ups shorts – Anthropologie / Moon necklace – UAL / Soft pink patent leather belt – J Crew / Louis Vuitton clutch- thrifted / Leather flats – Anthropologie //

Did you get a chance to check out Allison’s post yet? Her styling is perfect!


9. I am Oak.

8. 30 day drawing challenge, brought to you by CLTRA CLCTVA. Also from this site, check out Amanda Mijangos. Her watercolors are beautiful.

7. Derek Lam, Derek Lam, Derek Lam. If I say his name three times, will one of these beauties appear at my doorstep? I hope so. The patterns in the 10 Crosby ’13 Resort collection are lovely.

6. I think I might make a mid-year resolution to wear more rings. I blame this obsession on Catbird. Like this one. And this one. Or maybe this one. Would it be weird to get an engagement ring for myself (just to wear, not a marriage proposal to myself)? Probably. You’re right. These are probably more in my price range, anyway.

5. The 2 Bandits. Need I say more? I see a lot more silver & denim in my future.

4. Vasilieva. Because we all love to follow blogs full of beautiful photos and well-styled folk.

3. Remember when I said things about rings, approximately ten minutes ago? Here’s more.

2. Belly smackin’ good. I want this print.

1. Is anyone else as ready for fall as I am? I wasn’t meant for this kind of weather. I mean, really. I freckle and burn. 90+ degrees isn’t my friend.

Ninesday / almost

10. I generally love everything from Madewell. This qt little fox pendant from their Gift Giving Guide is no exception.

9. Rule #245 from Etiquette for a Lady

You will quickly learn that “cool” is a concept devoid of all meaning. Being smart, kind, and genuine will help you navigate your way through life. “Cool” simply dissolves after high school.

8. Jennifer Humphrey from A Go-Go turned me on to a new line, entitled Dainty Hooligan. Check out their amazing video. I want to be paid to have people pamper me, then just stand around and look pretty while I am photographed?!

7. What an amazing beard this man has. I think the Boy would likely agree. AND DID YOU SEE HIS PUPPY?! HIS PUPPY IS SO SO SO SO SO QT. I need puppy times. Puppy depression has reached epic proportions.

6. A Softer World; someone buy me lots of these to decorate my apartment, s’il vous plait?

5. I can’t stop lookbook‘n. Why? Because it is almost Thanksgiving break, and I therefore have time to waste. EEKKKEEEKEKEKEK.

4. Speaking of Thanksgiving, I get to see Allison & Kelsey & Kelsey in just a handful of days.

3. I haven’t done a Ninesday in so long that it is getting difficult to compose this post. And because of that, I will rename it “Sixday” and leave it at that.


Okay, okay. So maybe I found one more, thanks to Alex; “MANIQWINNING,” the art of beating the mannequin at it’s own game. Tweet @ her//starting a revolution: G_Reath