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Alyssa & Elaina // sister post.

Last time in Huntsville, Alyssa (my roommate) and her sister just so happened to be dressed adorably. And I therefore insisted that they pose for photos. Which neither of them were too keen on. Also of note: we just visited Sephora. Everyone’s lipstick  is fantastic.

Outfit details for Alyssa // blue dress, thrifted / wrap-around belt, Rag-O-Rama / vintage Coach purse, thrifted / brown oxfords, thrifted //

ATL was a blur. And so are the photos.

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThis weekend, Kalah and I took a mini trip to ATL to pick up Alyssa from the airport. It was short and blurry; just like the photos! We started the night at Joe’s for martinis, saw a Drag show at Blake’s (which was a ton of fun), and shopped as fast as possible on Saturday. I got a camera bag (at Rag-o-Rama), finally! It isn’t an actual camera bag, so I will be making removable foam pads to keep my camera safe. Did I mention we got coffee? Per usual, multiple coffee stops were made. This time, Java Lords (a little disappointing) and Condesa. Overall, a successful trip!